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Singapore Information

Population: 4353893

Time Zone: GMT + 8

Driving side: Driving is on the left hand side of the road.

Languages: Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), Tamil, English

Religion: Buddhist

Emergency #: Police Emergency: 999
Medical or Fire Emergencies: 995

Singapore Local Customs

Use your right hand only in social interaction, because in Indian and Muslim society, the left hand is used for bathroom chores. You should eat, give and receive gifts and all gestures such as pointing must be made with your right hand. Point your knuck

Singapore Culture

Singapore is a center of different cultures, with various types of people calling Singapore their home. Their traditions and cultures have been past down through the generations. Sir Stamford Raffles designated townships to the different nationalities that called Singapore their home back in the 1800's. These townships were catered for the Indian, Chinese, English and Muslim communities of Singapore. Central Singapore is the historical backdrop of Singapore, which houses the blueprint of the colonial rule and the republican years of independence.

Singapore Popular Destinations

Pulau Ubin This Island is located off the northeast tip of Singapore, and is the only place in Singapore where you can find life as it used to be before urban development. The best way to see the island is on bicycle; it takes you truly into the heart of the island life. Rumors are that the Japanese brought soldiers here during the occupation of Singapore to be tortured; many locals believe that the Island is haunted.

Sentosa Island Back in the 1880's Sentosa was known as Pulau Blakang Mati and was a hub of British military activity with forts built to protect the harbour from sea invasions from all sides. Some of the worthwhile attractions, which are located on Sentosa Island, are the Fountain Gardens and Musical Fountain, The Enchanted Garden of Tembusu and the Dragon Trail Nature Walk. The beaches are spectacular with a variety of water sports equipment like pedal boats, aqua bikes, fun bugs, canoes, surfboards and banana boats.

Singapore Beaches

From Changi Point at Changi Village you have a panoramic view of Malaysia, Indonesia and several of the Islands that belong to Singapore. The beach is calm, frequented by locals who set up camps and barbecues and enjoy a day on the beach. You can rent kayaks along the beach to do some water sports. There is a huge hawker center, international restaurants and pubs, which serve fresh seafood for lunch when you get hungry.

Central Beach is the best beach that you will find in Singapore. It is located on Sentosa Island. There are varies water sports to choose from and fun beach activities. Occasionally there will be a night dance party here. There are also a variety of restraints and pubs to choose from to.

Moving Around Singapore

The bus system in Singapore comprises of an extensive web or routes that reach everywhere on the island. There are two main bus services namely the SBS (Singapore Bus Service) and TBS (Trans-Island Bus Service).

Most of the buses are clean, but not all of them are air-conditioned. Rental cars and parking in Singapore is very expensive, this is governments way of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Taxis are convenient and affordable, and you can have a great conversation with the driver thrown into the bargain. There is also a trolley option, which is very convenient for travelers because the stops are made at most of the major tourist destinations.

National festival and holidays

Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year These celebrations take place in late January early February, where parades and festivals take place for two days.

Thaipusam Festival This festival takes place in late January early February where Hindus give thanks to Lord Subramaniam, the child god who represents virtue, youth, beauty and valor.

Qing Ming or All Souls Day This is where Chinese families have picnics at the ancestral graves. They clean the graves, pull weeds, light red candles, burn joss sticks and bring rice, wine and flowers for the deceased. This takes place in early April.

National Day On 9 August 1965, Singapore separated from the Federation of Malaysia and became an independent republic. Singaporeans celebrate this day as an independence day. There is a grand parade with spectacular floats and marching bands and a night they set off a huge display of fireworks.

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