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Boracay Islands Travel Guide

Boracay Islands Attractions

Top Attractions

Mount Luho - It is the highest elevation on Boracay island and stands 100m above sea level.It can be an excruciating ascent, but the view makes up for it and there is a kiosk selling water and soft drinks and a hammock, to take a rest amongst the trees, before heading down.

Bat Caves - Situated on the north coast of Yapak, it is home to cave bats and the giant fruit bats, with a wingspan of four ft. The fruit bats fly regularly at twilight in their hunt for food, but if you can bear the stench of the caves, there are guides to take you on the jungle paths to the caves.

Dead Forest - Next to the fishponds in the south of Boracay Island, are hundreds of dead trees. Their silhouettes stand out eerily onto the landscape and are best seen at night under the full moon.

The Kar-Tir Shell Museum - Situated in Iligon, it has a small, but interesting collection of sea shells as well as arts and crafts of various woven products to see, mostly produced by the locals.

Cafe Del Mar Boracay - An Honest Review Café Del Mar – The Worst Experience We spent our worst New Year's Eve at Cafe del Mar in Boracay! The service was horrible. The food was disgusting. The whole experience is one for the horror books. My partner and I booked a New Year's Eve dinner at this place. From our experience in previous years, we thought everything would be as nice as it used to be. However, everything turned out to be a nightmare. A few nights before the New Year, we went to Cafe del Mar and had our usual favorites, the cheese sticks and the Calamares (squid rings). We had it there before and we clearly remembered how good it was. But this time around, we noticed that the food was different. The cheese sticks were soggy and the calamares was stale and tasted like it had been cooked with used cooking oil. So, we talked to the waitress and she confirmed that the chef who used to cook doesn’t cook anymore. It was his assistant who cooked the food. Nonetheless, we let it pass and still booked our table for New Year's Eve. We paid P3000 for the meal plus drinks (around $100). Our reservation was for 9:30 pm dinner. We arrived at the place at 9 pm. As soon as we arrived, we told the waitress that we were going to have drinks first (additional revenue for them) and we wanted our food served later when we were ready. She agreed, but insisted that we choose our main course from the menu so that the chef can reserve the food for us. A few minutes later, she came back with our drinks and the appetizer. We told her again that we did not want to eat now and we just wanted to get settled and have some drinks. She insisted that we had to eat right away because the chef said so. What??? She’s telling this to us after I deliberately told her in Tagalog (in case she does not understand English) that we wanted to relax and have some drinks and let her know when we are ready to eat. After much frustration, we asked for the manager. The manager, who looked like a social-climbing matron in her 70’s, was sitting in the table beside ours. I think her name is Cory. She was busy having fun and dinner with her guests in another table. We explained the situation to her. She talked to the waitress and then told us that I was lying. She said that the waitress told her that I wanted the food served right away. This was just too much. With our disgust and frustration over the situation, my partner told the manager that this is the last time we were dining at their place. The manager replied back, “It’s your choice.” Obviously, this manager does not know what “customer service” means and did not care as long as she was getting our money. They don’t really care at all because they can fool as many tourists as they want. Now it’s our choice to let this be known to other people. It’s our choice not to come back to that restaurant ever again. As we left the restaurant, I saw the waitresses pointing at us and giggling in a corner. I don’t know what they were laughing about. I don’t know what they placed in our plates (which we did not finish). But whatever it is, I don’t want to know. We spent another month and a half with our friends in Boracay but never came back to that restaurant.
submitted by Shanmar, 16/02/08

Mang Inasal The best chicken inasal in Boracay!
submitted by Tess, 20/06/07

Puka Beach Forever The place is so heaven, pretty far from the crowd. One can really relax and enjoy the pristine water and powdery sand. A small nipa hut restaurant called " Shoreline Grill" is great, the staff and owner are attentive and friendly. Would love to come back again here and will do.
submitted by Grace, 12/06/07

Jonahs....the REAL and BEST shake on the Island! This is very true, we were in Boracay from May 22 to June 02 and tried almost all the cafe's restaurants and bars and Jonah;s when it comes to "shakes" stands out the very best. do try it and you will for sure will not regret. Service is excellent, staff are nice and warm.
submitted by, 12/06/07

Real Coffee The best breakfast all day place! Mouth watering omelets, perfect with a cup of coffee and buttered toast!
submitted by Fernando, 05/03/07

Island Chicken Inasal Had such high hopes for this place. First time I ate there, they ran out of chicken. Didn't make sense! They're called Island Chicken Inasal after all, hello! So settled for some liempo but took forever to get my order. They even forgot some other items my friends and I ordered. Went back again and they finally got everything right. Food was good, service ok, then again, only 3 tables occupied. And then, went back and brought some friends over, and what do you know? I was once again disappointed. No more fish and no pork barbecue. We were on an island, surrounded by water and they ran out of fish. A bit ironic, don't you think? Not to mention really terrible, slow service. Suffice it to say, I am NEVER going back there again.
submitted by Mafen, 20/02/07

Island Chicken Inasal This place is over rated. Nothing great with the chicken, raw on the inside burnt on the outside. Nothing great with this place.
submitted by Mark, 15/01/07

Island Chicken Inasal I'm surprised to see so many glowing reviews about this place. We tried it and were not at all impressed. The decor was nice but the chicken was raw in the middle and burned on the outside. If thats how they eat authentic chicken in Bacolod they must all have strong stomachs!
submitted by Misty, 23/11/06

Lemon Cafe We absolutely loved the sandwiches, salads, cakes etc. It's not the cheapest restaurant but it was worth every peso. Great service too. This cafe is in the mall.
submitted by Misty, 23/11/06

Boracay Butterfly Garden This is a good attraction for all the family. The butterfly garden is located on Bulabog beach on the eastern side of the island.
submitted by Misty, 23/11/06

Paraw Sailing Don't leave Boracay without doing this! It's absolutely the best way to get about and discover the island's scenery and beaches. Paraws are native sailing boats made from wood and bamboo and can only be found in this region of the country.
submitted by Misty, 23/11/06

Baling Hai Beach This tiny secluded beach is located on the eastern side of the island, north of Diniwid Beach. There's an OK snorkeling site there, a good restaurant and some amazing views from the clifftop. If you can't manage the steps your food and drink will be lowered down to the beach in a basket! You can reach this beach by the road but it's more fun to get there by sailing boat.
submitted by Melissa Rodriguez, 21/11/06

Jammers This is a 24 hour fast food & burger joint at the front of the mall. We were unimpressed with the service and food and wouldn't really recommend it.
submitted by Melissa Rodriguez, 21/11/06

Island Chicken Inasal I just came back from a week long in Boracay, and I can’t help but gush about the place... It’s absolutely heaven. I took long walks and swam and favorite place is Island Chicken Inasal located at DMALL...I was just passing by when I saw the warm colors of the place...I tried the Paa with extra garlic rice (no more diet!)And it was just perfect with a bottle of San Miguel Lite. Can you believe I ate there every day? If only I can bring back some for my friends... are they open for franchise? 2 thumbs up for Island Chicken Inasal! Can't wait to go back!
submitted by Jehan, 22/08/06

Island Chicken Inasal The chicken abrbecue I ate was a little undercooked. Also, it had a lot of burnt parts which is cancerous. Boracay is ok but this restaurant has more flies in it than people.
submitted by Sonia, 29/04/06

Island Chicken Inasal The best grilled chicken in the whole island of the Philippines! You should try their Kinilaw na Tangigue and to die for KANSI. It is located at d’Mall d’BOracay!
submitted by Joyce, 08/02/06

Boracay Islands Shopping

Boracay Islands are well-known for its, now rare, gleaming white puka shells which are said to be the best in the world.
For years, these shells have been dug up, especially near the beach at Yapak and sold.
Other important shopping items are beach-related things, but the open-air markets sell not only a variety of beachwear, but also antique furniture, lamps and native woodcarvings.

Boracay Islands Beaches

Near Balabag - A beautiful beach on the west coast with fine, white sand. The water is shallow, so its great for those that cannot swim and also makes a great suntanning beach.

Diniwild Beach - A relaxed, easy-going atmosphere, situated on the north of the island, a typical paradise beach and great for swimming, diving and snorkelling, although you need to beware of the currents.

Boracay Islands Restaurants and Bars

Boracay Islands Restaurants

Victory Bar and Restaurant - Manggayad - Good German food in pleasant surroundings, at reasonable prices. They also have seafood from the grill and a daily set menu from about P100.

Sea Lover's Restaurant - A modest restaurant next to a little bridge that serves excellent bulalo, a strong-tasting vegetable soup with beef shank, as well as other outstanding Filipino dishes.

Nene Ball Food House - Market Str, Talipapo. A small, comfortable restaurant that serves marvellous, authentic Philippine food at reasonable prices, from about P25

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