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Philippines Information

Population: 84619974

Time Zone: GMT + 8

Driving side: Drivers drive on the right

Languages: Filipino, English

Religion: 82% Roman Catholic
9% Protestant
5% Muslim
3% Buddhist

Emergency #: 166

Philippines Local Customs

There is a strong family loyalty amongst the Filipinos. Filipino women are held is high esteem and often have high positions in society and businesses.

Philippines Culture

An eclectic group of people, the Philippino's culture has been influenced by China, Malaysia, Europe and America.

Philippines Popular Destinations

Manila - The modern Manila has huge towerblocks crowding the few examples of colonial architecture that survived the bombing during the Second World War. Manila does offer vibrant markets, historic buildings and museums, celebrating every aspect of the Philippine's unique cultural mix.

Banaue - The spectacular rice terraces around Banaue in northern Luzon were carved out of the hillside by Ifugao tribes 2000 - 3000 years ago. These remarkable terraces stretch like stepping stones to the sky- some reaching an altitude of 1500m.

Cebu City - This easygoing port town is where Magellan marked the beginning of Christanity in the Philippines by erecting a cross, which can still be seen.

Boracay beaches - Lying off the northwestern tip of Panoy, the famous white beaches of the island of Boracay regularly appear in those, "Best beaches of the World" lists. Although unchecked tourist development did have the authorities declare the beaches contaminated and unsafe, the beaches have since been found to be at acceptable levels of pollution and look pristine.

Philippines Beaches

Boracay Beaches - These perfectly white beaches are particularly beautiful HOWEVER, the waters off Boracay are contaminated thus leaving the water unsafe to swim in. You can look, but don't touch.

On a more positive note, with over 7000 islands, what can you expect - the beach capital of Asia. Plenty of long white beaches with both the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean to swim in.

Moving Around Philippines

Domestic flights are available between Philippine cities. The railway line (the one and only) has a route from Manila to Naga in southern Luzon. Buses are therefore the best overland alternative. Car rentals are available as well as jeepneys, metered taxis, small taxis without meters, vans and tricycles (motorbikes with sidecars). There are loads of ferries available for island hopping, but be careful, safety is an issue. Please be patient and wait for a healthy looking ferry that is not overloaded.

National festival and holidays

the Black Nazarene Procession - 9 January. The largest procession in the country, a life-size, blackwood statue of Jesus is carried through the streets of Manila. The same procession happens again the week preceeding Easter.

Ati - Atihan - Celebrated in Kaliboin Panoy in the third week of January, it is the Filipino version of the Mardi Gras.

All Saint's day - 1 November. The week preceeding this, the Christian cemeteries are spruced up and given a fresh coat of whitewash, with a huge party on the day, at the Chinese cemetery in Manila.

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