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Nepal Information

Population: 26.46 million p

Time Zone: GMT + 5

Driving side: Drivers drive on the left hand side of the road.

Languages: English, Nepali

Religion: Hindu 90%
Buddhist 5%
Muslim 3%

Emergency #: Medical Emergency 211959
Police Emergency 100/247041 for English speaking
Fire Emergency

Nepal Culture

The country of Nepal is like stepping back in time to an era where religion is seen at every corner with spinning prayer wheels, trippy thangka scrolls and Tibetan carpets.

The people mutter chants and esoteric tantric hymns and the Nepalese music seems to hang in the air. Traditional folk musicians gather at evenings for singing and socializing. Classical dancing and trance like masked dances live on in the Kathmandu Valley and Bhaktapur regions.

Nepal Popular Destinations

Kathmandu Valley The Kathmandu Valley consists of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, which are the most well known cities in this region. There are a number of other, smaller fascinating villages, temples and stupas, which are scattered around the valley. The Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath or colloquially known as the 'monkey temple', fondly named after the large tribe of garrulous monkeys who guard the hill and amuse visitors and devotees with their tricks. At the base there is a continuous series of prayer wheels where pilgrims circumambulating the stupa and spin it as they pass. This temple is probably the best-known temple in Nepal.

Pokhara Pokhara is renowned for its setting rather than its historical and cultural endowments. Its close proximity to the mountains and lakeside, means that it is an ideal place for recovering from a trek or even taking leisurely strolls. It is the perfect location to put your nose in a good book and simply enjoy the surroundings and relax.

The Terai What you will find when visiting Terai is hot subtropical plains in some of the most fascinating attractions in Nepal. The Royal Chitwan National Park is located here, which was once the hunting ground of British and Nepalese aristocrats. The elephants, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard and deer are protected and probably the greatest thrill is to scout for wildlife on the back of an elephant. If you get too uncomfortable, you can always do the same thing in a jeep or canoe, or even take a walking tour through the jungle with an experienced guide.

Moving Around Nepal

The domestic airline is the Royal Nepal Airlines, but there are several private companies, which offer domestic flights. They are usually rather expensive and are often delayed and even cancelled due to inopportune weather conditions. The airlines only accept payment in hard currency from visitors.

Public buses are the main form of transport in Nepal, they are incredibly cheap but uncomfortable and very slow. Some visitors come back with horror stories about 'almost' plunging into a ravine. There are other bus services aimed specifically at the tourist. Most visitors prefer then especially when the others have chickens and goats supplementing human traveling companions.

Unfortunately there are no trains or drive yourself rental car in Nepal. You can hire cars with drivers. Of course bike riding is an option and is gaining popularity with visitors.

National festival and holidays

Dasain Celebrated in October. This event is one of the most important celebrations and features the biggest animal sacrifice of the year.

Tihar Celebrated in November. This festival is the second largest celebration of the year. At this festival the animals are honoured and not slaughtered.

Losar Celebrated in February. This is the Tibetan New Year, and the communities in Swayambhunath, Jawalakhel and the highland communities celebrate this festival.

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