North Ari Atoll Travel Guide

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North Ari Atoll Travel Guide

North Ari Atoll Attractions

North Ari Atoll Beaches

White sand, palm trees and wonderful views, so, so, perfect.

North Ari Atoll Restaurants and Bars

North Ari Atoll Restaurants

Fesdu Island Resort Good food, good service, good company, what more could you want ? All are available in the resort's restaurant.

Bathalu Island The restaurant here serves an International menu so you will always be able to find something you like.

Nika Island Resort The food in the restaurant here is well cooked and the service is delightful

North Ari Atoll Bars & Clubs

Bathala Island Resort The coffee shop/bar is a meeting place for all the visitors to the resort. A perfect place to take your lunch and for pre-dinner drinks.

Ellaidhoo Island Disco. After relaxing all day get into your dancing gear and bop the night away.

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