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Kyoto Travel Guide

Kyoto Local History

The old imperial capital founded in 794 was named the "capital of peace and tranquility" in the Japanese language but was unfortunately subject to many natural disasters such as periodic floods and earthquakes. A city still soaked in tradition and home to many festivals was the seat of the imperial court and home of the samurai.The city eventually lost its standing as capital to Tokyo.

Kyoto Attractions

Kyoto Shopping

Takashimaya - cnr Kawaramachi and Shijo. A bouquet of boutiques for the fashion conscious, brand name hunters.

The Cube - Situated conveniently in the station, this is the place to find that special souvenir that is uniquely "Kyoto".

Nishiki Market Alley - This market alley's nickname "Kyoto's kitchen" is very apt. Shop for delicacies or that knife set you have been searching for. If Japan has a Jamie Oliver then this is where you would spot him!

Kyoto Parks & Gardens

Imperial Park - Surrounding the Imperial Palace, this magnificent garden was built in 1630 and has many beautiful manmade and natural features. Food for the soul.

The Philosophers Walk - Wander along the cherry lined path amongst a sea of pink- white blossoms. Interesting stops along the way include 2 temples and a shrine and the Silver pavilion that has a magical garden setting with raked gravel, trees and water features.

Daisen-in's Zen Garden - Daitoku-Ji. A spiritual journey in garden form, every nook and cranny has meaning and represent the deeper things in life.

Kyoto Restaurants and Bars

Kyoto Restaurants

Gontaro - Fuyacho/Shijo agaru. Elegant waitresses in kimonos serving speciality noodle dishes between 11.30 and 10pm.

Obanzai - 1F Ichii Bldg city centre. Enjoy a Japanese buffet of local cooking between 11am and 2pm for lunch or 5- 9pm for supper.

Mankamero - Inokuma/Demisu agaru. Order a bamboo basket bento (a "smorgasbord" of Japanese delicacies) between 12am and 2.30pm; the perfect classic Kyoto lunch in a lovely setting.This restaurant is near to the Imperial Palace. Other specialities can be ordered until 7.30pm.

Bio-tei - 2F M& I Bldg, Higashi-no- Toin. Good value for money for the health conscious, try the black bean tofu for lunch betwen 11.30 and 2pm or dinner 5- 8.30pm. They are closed certain days of the week for lunch and others for dinner.

Kyoto Bars & Clubs

Bar Isn't It - B1 Forum Nishi Kiyamachi. Foreign residents hang-out, get the information you wanted but were too afraid to ask, meet foreigners who have made this city home.

Cafe David - Sanjo. Admire the arty decor as you lend support to the local talent on Saturday nights.

Cafe Independants - 1928 Bldg B1. Perfect place to relax and unwind with a drink after your shopping spree in the city.

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Kyoto City Guide
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