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Udaipur Travel Guide

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City Palace - Take a fantasy trip in this fairytale palace built over four centuries by 22 maharaj's to impress their subjects and consorts. Situated on the shore of Lake Pichola, this series of buildings with sections dating back to the 1500's is beautifully decorated with graceful turrets and Romeo and Huliet balconies. On site is the City Palace Museum, its courtyard decorated with elephant and horses which are reflected magnificently in glass and mirrors, an impressive introduction to the treasures within.

Chittorgarh - Well worth the trip of 72 miles north east of Udaipur, is the fort of Chittorgarh. Perched along a massive cliffside this fortress dates back to the 12th century and epitomises the era of grandeur and royalty that were India at that time. Huge gates and mighty towers built to guard the Rana Khumba palace within the walls still stand. An Indian Helen of Troy legend was born here, telling the tale of the beautiful Rani Padmini and 13 000 attendants who faced death by fire rather than capture by the enemy.

Jagdish Mandir - Come and pay attendance at the foot of the enormous black Vishnu shrine in this 17th century Hindu temple. The Indian gods and animals are definately larger than life.

Saheliyon ki Bari Saheliyon ki Bari lies just beneath the Fateh Sagar Lake. Maharana Sangram Singh II designed this garden in the early 18th century purely as a pleasure garden and a summer palace for the 48 young maids that formed a part of the prince’s dowry. It is also said that the garden was presented as a peace offering from the Emperor of Delhi. Inside the garden is a reservoir surrounded by four black marbled cenotaphs in its four corners and one white marbled one in the centre. The terraces of these cenotaphs have water fountains shaped like birds from whose beaks water gushes out in thin sprays like the singing rain – producing a wonderful sight. The Maharanas entertained themselves around the four ornamental pools and the five fountains. These fountains were imported from England in 1889. Maharana Bhopal Singh specially was very fond of this place and built a rain fountain, so that it looked like rain dancing on the dancing maids.
submitted by Rajiv Kohli, 31/08/08

Lake Pichola The title of the most beautiful and enchanting lake in Udaipur has been rightly given to Lake Pichola. Rudyard Kipling in his Letters of Marque, 1899, compliments the lake: ‘If the Venetian owned the Pichola [lake] he might say with justice, `See it and die.‘" This lake was started by either a banjara or a grain carrier at the end of the 14th century and was completed by Rana Udai Singh. Fed by a big stream from the western mountains, the lake is 2¼ miles long and 1¼ mile wide. Pichola is encircled on all sides by numerous palaces, marble temples, family mansions, dark hills and rows of bathing ghats which is thronged by bathers at dawn. The lake at places narrows down and both its banks almost touch each other. Here, at these places the lake is spanned with ornamental bridges and their attractive arches. Another interesting spot on the lake is the Shikarbadi or the Khas Odi
submitted by Rajiv Kohli, 31/08/08

Savage Garden It is a very good fuison restaurant.
submitted by Annie, 23/11/06

Udaipur Parks & Gardens

Fateh Sagar Lake - Have a wander around the island of this lake and enjoy a cup of tea in the cafe garden. A statue of the great 16th century warrior Maharana Pratap and his steed keep watch over the island.

Saheliyon ki Bari - Head for this haven in the north of the city, named the "garden of the maids of honour" and established for a past queen of Udaipur. Take the time to savour the scent of the rose garden and meditate at the quiet lotus pool.

Jag Mandir - Lake Picola. Here you can stroll around the lush palace gardens where Indian princes and princesses lived and loved.

Udaipur Restaurants and Bars

Rajasthani cuisine is strongly influenced by Jainism and Vaishnavism, which are against the slaughter of animals. Hence their diet of chiefly vegetarian dishes. Lentils and vegetables unique to this desert area are popular and are seasoned with a wonderful variety of spices. Lentil curries and purees, yoghurt soups and dips with deepfried breads and chilli fritters are favourite fare.

Meat does feature in the flavourfull chilli mutton curries. Ocra, dried mango and sangri beans accompany many meals.

Udaipur Restaurants

Ambrai - Amet ki Haveli. This restaurant is set in a beautiful garden where you can enjoy a varied menu and live Indian music in the evenings.

Jharokha - Lake Pichola. Situated in the Palace Hotel, this sumptious restaurant offers a superb buffet and an irresistible romantic setting on the lake.

Jagat Niwas - Jagdish Mandir. Sample the wonderful local foods outside in the sultry Indian air. You will find it difficult to leave once you are here.

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