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My dental experience in india

  • Submitted by: C.Shyam Malik, Canada
  • Submission Date: 28th Apr 2009

It was a nightmare when I landed in India that i was greeted with a severe toothache. After the necessary enquires I visited a famous dentist in Delhi. He was good, but the rate he quoted was almost the same as in Canada.I realised he was out to take me for a big ride.

Fortunately that evening, I met an Israeli tourist
who told me that he had just come to delhi after his dental treatment in Goa. He gave me the name of his dentist.

The next two days I traveled by train to Goa... only to get my dental treatment done. And at the end of it all, I must say my trip to Goa was well wort it. I got a very good quality dental work, at almost the tenth of the cost back home in Canada.

If you wish to know more about my dentist,you can get the details by visiting his website