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Goa Holiday Experiences

  • Submitted by: Eric Davies, United Kingdom
  • Submission Date: 22nd Jun 2005

My name is Eric Davies,from Surrey England currently pursuing my MBA in International Marketing from Roehampton University. I traveled to Goa in India this April with my girlfriend Natalie and here are my experiences.
The most boring part of our trip turned out to be the long charter flight from Gatwick to Goa and back. Not withstanding the boredom on the flight we get to Goa early morning only to be greeted by long immigration lines and a half asleep Immigration Officer who wants to know if I have any electronic items on me . Well I always carry my handy cam and digital camera and it wasn’t too hard to spot them as we were shooting at the airport for our video diary. So the guy says in a thick Indian accent 'you have to pay tax'. After a bit of arguing and explaining that i was taking it back home with me he says no you are going to sell it ! Frustrating it turned out all he was looking for was a small tip. I fiddled around in my pocket to find 3 pounds in change and gave it to the man.. he wasn't too happy but we were let through anyway. You get out of the airport and even though its early in the day you can immediately feel the humidity but hey we were longing for some sun and there was plenty of it here. Our hotel coach took about an hour and a half to get to the hotel and we stayed at the Phoenix Park Inn at Candolim ( a beautiful resort with very gracious hosts. The service at the hotel was excellent and the hotel was clean and rooms very spacious. After a little rest we hit the beach in candolim just a short walk from the hotel. Every second person on the beach was a white man , sipping Beer and lazing about on beach beds. The beach is where you wanna be but the crowds there kinda put us off a bit . The shacks on the beach are excellent. Sea food galore and the Indian spicy tandoori chicken did it for me , though Natalie was more into Tiger prawns and Lobsters . At night you can see the streets lit up with the locals selling Indian clothes, kashmiri carpets , rajasthani jewellery and lots more. I was advised against buying on the streets at the hotel as there was a Wednesday Flea market and Ingo’s and Mackies Saturday night bazaars in Anjuna on Fridays. We hired a scooter to get around and the guy charged us 150/- rupees per day. Enjoyed the ride while it lasted and had the misfortune of having a flat and not knowing how to change it. Anyway a local passing buy noticed our predicament and changed the tire for us and we were on our way again. The markets are something out of this world. There are locals and tourists selling their wares from clothes to bags, jewellery ,trance music, paintings to handicrafts . Just an amazing experience with a live band playing and thousands of people thronging the stalls.
We also had a chance to pop in to the local night spots Club Cabana at Arpora and Tito’s at Baga. We were out partying all night with Club Cubana’s Ladies night with unlimited booze for just 600/- rupees. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the local dentist. We both had our teeth whitened and paid 60 pounds each (in sterling) with this Dentist in calangute called the International Dental Centre ( who lives in South Africa but runs the practice from November to April. Actually how this happened was an elderly man bumped into us in calangute market and as the conversation went on he proceeded to say that my teeth were yellow and handed me a flyer of this dentist down the road who could whiten them for me. And boy did they turn out good but the colour changed drastically after as week as the dentist promised. We were quite apprehensive at first but this guy knows his job and the treatment took about an hour , entirely painless with great results. What struck out the most on this trip was the, friendly and ever so helpful. It was a week holiday and well worth the money spent. Here is a great travel link for travelers wanting to go to Goa , and my travel agent