Tahiti Travel Guide

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Tahiti Travel Guide

Tahiti Local History

The largest and most heavily populated island in French Polynesia, Tahiti has evoked magical images of tropical paradise since 1767, when canoe loads of young Tahitians meet the Captain and crew of HMS Dolphin.

For many years, after World War 11, the surrounding islands where used by the French government for testing for nuclear weapons. Today, this is a thing of the past and Tahiti's capital is a modern, thriving metropolis with chic bistros, high-rise buildings and huge shopping centres.

Tahiti Attractions

Tahiti Shopping

Sibani Perles Joallier Vaima. European style elegance is to be found at this jewellery store with beautiful pearls set in both gold and silver. From earrings to toe rings, this fine establishment will have you drooling and wishing you had more to spend.

Pai Moana Perles Vaima. Another pearl emporium, with a difference. The Canadian and American owners have their own pearl farm on the island of Moorea and the simple, but elegant pieces found here are all designed by them.

Marche du Papeete - Covering a whole city block this vibrant airy two storey structure, which has been rebuilt twice since the Second World War, is filled with fruit, vegetables, meat and fish downstairs and clothes, arts and crafts, upstairs. A fascinating afternoon can be spent just browsing and taking in the festive atmosphere.

Tahiti Activities

The many safe and clean, white sand beaches will have the children busy and entertained for hours.

Promenade - Take the children on a stroll along the promenade to see the many boats and ships coming and going along the waterfront.

Tahiti Parks & Gardens

Harrison W. Smith Jardin Botanique - Started in 1919 by an American physics teacher who settled in Tahiti, this amazing garden boasts tropical plants from around the world.

Point Venus - It was here that Capt, James Cook observed the transit of the planet Venus. This low sandy peninsula is covered with ironwood trees, a black sand beach and a meandering river which cuts the peninsula in two.

Tahiti Beaches

Bora Bora - Said by many to be the most beautiful island in Polynesia, the island is flanked by beautiful white beaches and a huge lagoon.

Papenoo, Punaauia and Paea - These three beaches are ideal for the surfing fraternity, especially between April and September when the southerly winds blow.

Tahiti Restaurants and Bars

As in most of Polynesia food is still cooked in the traditional way by wrapping it in banana leaves, then burying it on top of coals made in the ground, covering it and leaving the food to slow cook for hours.

Tahiti Restaurants

Auberge du Pacifique Papeete. Located next to a lagoon it is considered one of Tahiti's finest restaurants. Blending French and Tahitian cooking styles, the food is truly remarkable. The roof over the main dining area opens to reveal the night's twinkling stars and it has the only air-conditioned wine cellar in town.

Le Lotus Vaima. The two round thatched roofed dining rooms extend over the lagoon with an uninterrupted view of the sea. It boasts an extensive menu and depending on which top master chef is on a working vacation here, you are in for a wonderful meal.

L'Oasis du Vaima Vaima. During the day breakfast of small quiches and pastries are serviced along with ice cream and milkshakes and when the sun goes down the diningroom upstairs is opened along with the covered terrace for memorable meals and views.

Tahiti Bars & Clubs

Captain Bligh Restaurant and Bar Tahiti Beachcomber Resort. No visit to Tahiti would be complete without seeing a Tahitian traditional dance show. Together with a Tahitian feast, the hip swinging and gyrating of of the women's hips will leave you wide eyed, opened mouthed and wandering how they manage to do it.

Piano Bar Papeete. For an hilarious night out don't miss the late night strip shows featuring female impersonators. They will also have you wondering how they can turn stubble and sweat into lilac and lace.

Lido Nightclub Papeete. If watching the 'drag queens' is really not for you, try the more genteel Lido. Again, not for the faint hearted, but here, the women are really women.

Le Royal Tahitian Hotel Papeete. For an evening of dining and dancing this restaurant, which serves good, reasonably priced food, will having you tapping your feet to the live band in no time.

Tahiti children's activities

The many safe and clean, white sand beaches will have the children busy and entertained for hours.

Promenade - Take the children on a stroll along the promenade to see the many boats and ships coming and going along the waterfront.

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