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Shanghai Local History

Birthed from a humble fishing port, this gateway to the Yanzi River was snatched by the British, tugged at by the French and parcelled out into different settlements in the 1800's. By the early 20th century this was the fastest growing city in Asia, bred and fed on the luxuries of tea, opium and silk. The area became known for decadence, vice and explotation; opium dens and brothels springing up fast and furiously and managed by organised gangs and mafia groups.

European businessmen and political powers all had their stakes in the thriving industries, with European imperialism being blamed for the exploitation of the poverty tricken workforce. This was the ideal breeding ground for radicalism, which led to the formation of the Chinese Communist Party here in 1921. Once in power the CCP efficiently dealt with the slums, opium problem and child labour but also putting an end to the voracious growth of the city. Parts of the old Shanghai are still to be seen today, alongside the new growth spurt of modern buildings and economic activity.

Shanghai Attractions

Top Attractions

Shanghai Museum - An architectural statement quite unlike the usual stuffy musem stereotype. This impressive building houses stunning displays of the riches of the Orient-culteral, historical and archaeological.You will need at least a day to leisurely take everything in.

Huangpu Jiang River trip - Take a trip which will reward you with great views of the Bund and interesting sights on the riverfront. Huge freighters and navy vessels, with drifting sampans and little junk boats weaving inbetween. These all create a colourful sight in one of the worlds largest ports.

Nanjing Donglu - Take a walk down the Golden mile of China to admire buildings from the old era and glimses of the opulence of the Shanghai of the early 1900's. Sun Zhongshan Guju - A former residence of Sun Yatsen, the famous revolutionary, furnished in the style of former days.

Bars & Teahouses & Clubs Hard Rock Cafe Add: #1376 W. Nanjing Rd. Shanghai Tel: 62798133 Description: It provides a spirited atmosphere to drink and listen to live pop and rock music Open Hours: 8PM-midnight The Cotton Club Add: #1428 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai Tel: 64377110 Description: It boasts best live blues and jazz acts in Shanghai. Open Hours: 7:30PM-midnight Park 97 Add: #2 Gaolan Rd. Fuxing Park, Shanghai Tel: 63180785 Open Hours: 8PM-midnight Caribe Add: #878 Julu Rd. Shanghai Tel: 62495512 Description: It's one of the few places in Shanghai with salsa dancing. Open Hours: 8PM-midnight BUFF Add: #1088 Liyang Rd. Shanghai Tel: 56714936 Description: Underground club popular with students. Open Hours: 7PM-2AM Rojan Disco Add: #283 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai Tel: 64335086 Description: With the "American-style" disco, it is popular with local young people. Open Hours: 8PM-1AM Jurassic Pub Add: #8 S. Maoming Rd. Shanghai Tel: 62534627 Open Hours: 8PM-midnight Heat Add: 5/F, Grand Gateway Plaza, #1 Hongqiao Rd. Shanghai Tel: 54510002 Description: One of the most popular disc bars in Shanghai. Open Hours: 7PM-midnight Judy's Place Add: entrance on Changle Rd. Shanghai Tel: 64370667 Description: It serves German draught beer and food with dancing. Open Hours: 8PM-midnight KK Disco Add: #558 Kaixuan Rd. Shanghai Tel: 62127318 Description: It's always crowded with young people. Open Hours: 7PM-2AM Peace Hotel Add: #8 S. Maoming Rd. Shanghai Tel: 62534627 Description: German-style pub famous for their house band--Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band--made up of men in their 60s and 70s who played jazz in dance halls. Open Hours: 8PM-midnight Blues and Jazz Add: #44 Sinan Rd. Shanghai Tel: 63272475 Description: It boasts one of the best collections of jazz CDs in Shanghai. Open Hours: 8PM-midnight Golden Age Add: #918 Huaihai Rd. Shanghai Tel: 64158818 Description: One of the most luxury Nightclubs in Shanghai. Open Hours: 8PM-midnight Tangyun Teahouse Add: #199 Hengshan Rd. Shanghai Tel: 34060126 Open Hours: 8AM-11PM source:
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Shanghai Restaurants and Bars

Shanghai Restaurants

Yang's Kitchen - Hengshan Lu. Tuck into the delicious eggplant with porkmince or lemon chicken for a gastronomic delight. Very reasonably priced and consistantly good eating.

Fulin Xuan - Sinan Lu. Reputed to serve the best dim sum in Shanghai, this should be worth a try.

Xiao Shaoxing - Yunnan Lu. This restaurant is famous for their "white cut chicken" which sounds like a good low cholesterol meal but with great Chinese zing.

Grape Restaurant - 55 Zinle Lu. This well known and popular restaurant is always a winner and has great service and an English menu- so that you can be sure of what you're ordering, for once!

Shanghai Bars & Clubs

Fest Brew House - 11 Hankou Lu. Quaff the beer brewed on site at this enjoyable venue near to the Bund.

Cotton Club - Huaihai Lu. Not exactly a flapper club but a nice place to listen to the blues bands that play here on a regular basis.

Goya's - 359 Xinhua Lu. Don your jacket and tie for a sophisticated vodka martini and cigar, a short distance form the Crowne Plaza.

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