Hangzhou Travel Guide

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Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Attractions

Hangzhou Shopping

Zhonghe Lu - This night market is a fascinating place to visit. You can find their some interesting antiques, textiles, etc. there.

Hangzhou Parks & Gardens

Tianmu natural preservation area This is Government run nature preservation area and is an interesting place to look round.

Fuchun river-Xin'an river -. Called by the Chinese 'A-Thousand-Islet Lake scenery area'. It makes for a lovely trip out of the city centre.

Hangzhou Restaurants and Bars

Hangzhou Restaurants

Longjing Tea House –Hefang Street. Tired of strolling? Take a seat in this teahouse, you only pay for the tea, the snacks and fruits are free.

West Lake Tea House - Hefang Street. This delightful teahouse serves lovely tea and snacks at quite reasonable prices.

Long Jing (the Dragon Well) Lake -. One of the best places to take tea whilst looking at the surrounding green hills.

Zhi Wei Guan - 83 Renhe Road The lotus root with sweet glutinous rice is very special here but the prices are a bit more expensive than other restaurants.

Hangzhou Bars & Clubs

Nanshan Road - This street has quite a number of pubs, which offer a good selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

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