Guangzhou Travel Guide

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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Guangzhou Attractions

Top Attractions

Liurongsi Huata - An active buddhist temple dating back to about 550AD and named for six banyan trees that have long since disappeared. Climb up the staircase in the tall pagoda, mind you don't lose your head on the low doorjambs on the way up.

Nanyuewang Hanmu - This museum stands on the site of the tomb of Emperor Wen who reigned about 2000 years ago. Fascinating artifacts and a well planned layout make this a must to visit.

Shamian Island - Translated meaning " Sand Surface Island", this is a place to visit for a break from the tiring traffic and pace of the city. Take a gentle stroll around the quiet streets with their remaining colonial buildings dating back to post Opium Wars era of French and British occupation. Wander around the French Catholic church and down the boulevard with its newly emerging sidewalk cafes.

Hooley's Irish Pub and Restaurant A great, authentic Irish pub and restaurant in Tian He district. They feature live music from Thursdays to Saturdays and have a foreign chef who does amazing pub food and other fusion food. Beautiful pub decor and a cosy environment. 2 Tian He Bei Lu at corner with Guangzhou Da Dao, Ground Floor of Bing Hua Hotel. Call 13560231914
submitted by R Wong, 29/08/07

Strange Brew, Bar and Burger Joint Great bar in Guangzhou that serves amazing burgers and imported draught beer. Good place to meet foreigners and Chinese. It's 200m from the Ramada Hotel. You can call 13450227140 for information.
submitted by Sam Roberts, 28/02/07

Paddy The most over-rated bar with over priced, poor quality food served by staff with a combined iq of 4 and a top speed of 2m per hour. If its a dark and unfriendly bar with high prices that you seek then head here.
submitted by Conner, 25/03/06

Punter The Paddy Field, Irish Bar & Restaurant At last an Irish bar has come to Guangzhou! Everything that an Irish bar should have! Good food, good drink, warm & friendly atmosphere! Something that's welcomed in this hard city. It's on No. 38, Hua Le Lu, behind the Garden Hotel.
submitted by Darren Browne, 28/09/05

Guangzhou Parks & Gardens

Yuexiu Gongyuan - The largest park in Guangzhou, housing the City Museum and other sights such as the Sculpture of the Five Rams that has a storybook legend, also the Zhenhai Tower (Five Story Pagoda) that can be climbed for a good view of the city.

Wenhua Gongyuan - Known for some reason as the Culteral Park this is where the kids can be kept busy with varied attractions such as dodgems, a ferris wheel and dolphin shows at the Ocean World.

Haizhuang Gongyuan - Lying south of the river this park boasts the remains of a large Buddhist monastery dating back to 1662. The temple is in current use and the scent of incense and sound of prayers floating through the air creates an atmosphere in keeping with the history of the place.

Guangzhou Restaurants and Bars

Guangzhou Restaurants

Linqunyinshidian - Shamian Dao. Not many restaurants can offer seating inside under a tree. Built around a tree and offering great value for money Chinese cuisine.

Guangzhou Jiujia - 2 Wenchang Nanlu. Famous and expensive, this is the place to try those well known delicacies such as shark fin soup and braised dove. Don't forget to book and bring a well padded wallet.

Taotaoju - 20 Dishipu Lu. This restaurant has been around for more than 100 years and is still extremely popular. Their speciality is dim sum and mouth watering ginger and onion chicken.

Guangzhou Bars & Clubs

Topshow Disco- 109 Yanjiang Xilu. Mingle with the locals at this popular dancing spot.

Hard Rock Cafe - Situated in the China Hotel they have a disco from 10pm to 2am and occasional live music.

Harley Bar - Yuexiu Lu. With a prominent eagle above the door this place is opposite the museum and easy to find. Plenty of western style music booming away after dark.

Elephant and Castle Pub - Popular hangout for foreigners, compare notes on travelling highlights and low lights.

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