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Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian Attractions

Top Attractions

Zhongshan Guangchang - The heart of the city, this "square" is in fact a circle surrounded by grand buildings and interesting streets. Vibey and alive with dance and music at night with a distinct modern, international feel. Nicknamed the Hong Kong of the north, Dalian is home to the wealthy "yuppies" of the East.

Renmin Guangchang - "Peoples Square", formerly Stalin Square as there is a huge statue of a Russian soldier complete with attending pigeons.

Xinghai Gongyuan - This park is about five km's away and has a nice beach and is the site of Dalian's Ocean World (of which the entrance fee is extremely steep!)

The Riviera Restaurant A fantastic restaurant has perfectly combined French, Italian and Spanish cuisines. If you want to amaze you appetite with any dishes comes up, go for it. The Riviera is located just opposite the residential of the Shangi_La Hotel.
submitted by Emily, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant A brilliant Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. European chefs, delighted foods, and professional service. If you want to enjoy the top class restaurant in Dalian, the Riviera is your best choice.
submitted by Hunter, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant The best Franch, Italian and Spanish cuisine restaurant in Dalian. Opposite the Shangri-la Residences on Zhigong Street.
submitted by Dessy, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant The Riviera restaurant serves the cuisine from the south of France, the north-west coast of Italy and the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Though a bright & transparent kitchen, you can enjoy a looking at the professional chef team is busying preparing your dishes. You can hardly find a restaurant like this where the French, Italian, and Spanish chefs are working together to bring a traditional Mediterranean experience to utilize their customers taste buds.
submitted by Vanessa, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant Riviera cuisine - French, Italian and Spanish. Foreign chefs. Opposite Shangri la Residences. Best Western restaurant in Dalian.
submitted by Vicky, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant The Riviera Restaurant is a beautiful place to dine. It cooks wonderful steaks, and serves high quality imported wines. Moreover, you can find their dressings are absolutely amazing and there's no way that you can get them in the local market since some of their raw materials are imported from overseas. No matter if you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine; you can never get wrong for choosing dining in the Riviera
submitted by Gina, 20/02/08

The Riviera Restaurant If enjoying food is our passion, what better way to do that than to enjoy the unique creation of a professional chef? At The Riviera twelve professional chefs await you to delight your taste buds with unique cuisine from the Riviera region. Being seduced by the cuisine at The Riviera restaurant should be a daily affair. Join us today. Savor the distinct flavors of the Riviera, the south of France, the north/west coast of Italy and the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
submitted by Hunter Prescott, 19/02/08

Dalian Shopping

Tianjin Jie and Shanghai Lu - These are the roads to head down for a serious shopping spree. Designer-label outfits and footwear galore to keep the teenshopper happy.

Foreign Language Bookstore - Tianjin Jie. Huge delight for bookworms to burrow away in.

Golden Voice - fasten on your earphones for the biggest variety of music available in China.

Dalian Beaches

Fujiazhuang Haishui Yuchang - perfect for swimming, this small beach with the big name is a bus ride away from Dalian. Not much in the way of amenities though, so come prepared.

Bangchuidao Jingqu - take a five kilometre sightseeing taxi ride to this pretty but pebbly beach.

Jinshitan - the name Golden Stone Beach describes the natural beauty of this scenic area. Explore hidden coves and weathered rock formations or there is the nearby amusement park to keep the kids happy while dad escapes to the golf course.

Dalian Restaurants and Bars

Dalian Restaurants

Wongmazi Dapaidang - cnr Xiang Qian Jie. Hang out with the students and enjoy a kebab washed down with a local beer for a quick lunch.

Seafood Buffet Restaurant - For a lunch inbetween travels try this place near the station. Good value for money - eat as much as you like.

Daochongqing Jiulou - Tianjion Jie. Perfect for a winter meal, this eatery serves a delicious spicy hotpot. Typical Chinese cuisine, be prepared to pay as it is upmarket.

Hollywod Studio - Shengli Guangchang. A Chinese Hard Rock Cafe for those who need a western culinary fix.

Dalian Bars & Clubs

JJ's - Shengjiang Entertainment Centre. Live it up at this popular nightclub at the North end of Wuwu Lu.

Casablanca Cafe and Bar - Renmin Lu. Relax after your sightseeing day by enjoying an evening drink with the expats at this bar.

Sun City - Youhao Square. Bop until 2am to western music at this club, entrance fee charged for men but the gals get in for free.

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