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One week in Hong Kong during June 07

  • Submitted by: Barry King, Australia
  • Submission Date: 03rd Jul 2007

Flew from Australia Cairns with Cathay and can't speak highly enough of the service they provide and will always look to them in the future. Stayed at the Miramar Hotel the service was friendly and helpfull,standard rooms were of reasonable size for HK standards and clean and well serviced with free bottled water supplied daily.The Hotel is very well placed for first timers and still within walking distance to the Jade Markets and Night Markets higher up Nathan Rd if you don't mind a walk.We went over to China/Shenzhen(LoWu) for a day, travelling on the train we got our Visa's at the Border and was very simple but it was also very Quiet tourist-wise at the time so the delays may be longer at different periods.
My wife loves to shop and bargain and although she brought back a swag of stuff she felt the LoWu experience was a fizzer and much preferred the Hong Kong shopping,we tried to find our way to Windows of the World but found communication
and tourist info in this region very lacking.So I advise going with an HK based organisation if you are not adventurous and wish to see Windows of the World ect up there.
There are affordable wester style food outlet if you look around,we dinned at Pizza Hut/KFC/
MacDonalds/Spagetti House which are a very different dining experience to home(its better) and others on Peking/Ashely and Haiphong Rd's.
My wife and son went to a foot& massage place called Pure Health at 53-55 room 05/2nd floor Haiphong Mansion Haiphong Rd and raved about it,we
went to the Budda on Lantau Island it was a full day there and back and was a day wasted as the weather was threatening and the Budda was in a heavy fog due the it's altitude location and was told it was rare to get a good day up there and there is very little else up there,so have a think about weather conditions before going.
Went to Disney it was nice and very clean but lacked rides and venue's, mainly consisted of eateries and disney shops if youv'e seen the original you'll find this a poor copy. But in all the family enjoyed Hk its clean and the people are helpfull and friendly and we will go back as may travellers do.