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Byron Bay, Australia - A Definite Must See!

I thought that I would write today about Byron Bay Australia! I have seen a lot of Australia and this place is definitely one of my favourites! It’s an absolutely beautiful, spiritual and amazing little beach town. It’s a must see that no trip to Australia is complete without!

Byron Bay is located on the north coast of New South Wales, about an hour south of the Gold Coast. As soon as you drive in, you can really feel a change of atmosphere to one of pure happiness and relaxation. The town is on a beach front, with quaint streets and sidewalks that are filled with people from all around the world. In this little paradise, life just seems to move at a slower, really laid back pace…even despite the crowd of tourists. The beach has white sands and crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and surfing. A great place to take surfing lessons, I did and it was so much fun! Being a surfing town (the waves here are considered to be World Class Surf!) and the fact that surfers were a large part in the development of Byron Bay, you will find many alternative people who have chosen to migrate there. The amazing combinations of different lifestyles here is truly what makes it so unique! Everything and everyone is welcome. When I was there, which is a few years ago now, there was this hippie named Beautiful that would stand at the entrance to the beach, always with a display of signs on the ground with all sorts of different sayings, and he would welcome you to the beach and tell you that you were beautiful! There are people milling around, sitting in groups playing bongos and guitars generally just enjoying life. You can watch surfers surfing from a cliff top (of course there’s other great views from there as well!) and you can see dolphins swimming there too, right along side the surfers. That was actually my first time seeing dolphins in the wild, what an awesome experience that was! At night, there was a man who had a massive telescope and he’d set it up on the sidewalk, invite you to come up and have a peek, he’d show you the moon and different constellations, it was very cool! The Byron Bay lighthouse, which sits on a hill above Byron still operates and is open for public visits. There’s a walk that you can do to get to there and if you do, you have literally walked to the most eastern point of Australia! From the top of the lighthouse you’ve got a 360 degree view of the town, the surroundings and mountains and you can also spot whales and dolphins from there!

Byron Bay is an absolutely fantastic place to spend a vacation. In the 1960’s and 70’s Byron was a true “hippie city” and to a certain degree, still maintains that image today. It is home to surfers, intellectuals, painters, sculptors, artists and many eccentric people who choose to live life as they see fit. It’s filled with lots of fantastic restaurants that serve some of the best seafood around, has a great nightlife and cool parties, and lots of shopping! Be sure to bring some money so that you can go home with some truly great arts and crafts that can only be found in this one of a kind place!
If you have the opportunity to visit Australia, I hope that I’ve inspired you to take a journey to this amazing little spot called Byron Bay!