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  • Submitted by: Hayley, United Kingdom
  • Submission Date: 14th Jul 2008

I am in Langkawi as we speak as part of my 3 month tour of Asia! Very beautiful place. The beach is soft sand and clear sea. Plenty of bars and restaurants in the evening and there are many tours that you can do from the island. It is very peaceful here after coming from Thailand where everyone is permanently trying to sell you something... the services are all available here but without the hard sell!
We went to the cable cars and suspension bridge today which was fantastic! About $5 each, you take a cable car to the first viewing platform, then you can continue up the cable car to the top, or (as we did) take a 20 minute walk through the trees! The walk in lovely... but lots and lots and lots of steps so unless you are fairly fit I wouldn't recommend it! The bridge isn't as scary as it looks, my partner is quite nervous of heights and he managed it with no fuss whatsoever! Unless you go to the railings and purposely look down it isn't very scary at all! View from the top in absolutely stunning!
Definitely some negitive things to say about Langkawi though! Expensive if you are travelling on e budget! We paid roughly $25 to get here from Krabi, but to book the same trip in the opposite direction from here is almost double the price. Another problem is that I have a Maestro debit card, and although the ATMs say they accept them, I cannot take money out. I cannot take money from the bank either, and a friend of mine tried to use a Visa at the ATM which also declined! IF YOU ARE COMING TO LANGKAWI MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME CASH WITH YOU, otherwise, like us, you may have to go home a few days early as you have no way of paying for anything!