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Incredible Delhi

It was a pleasure to visit Delhi in late 2006. I have only heard about Delhi and It was the first time that I was visiting this capital city of India. It was the last week of November and the winter was starting to blossom. I was not familiar with the Climate of Delhi and had a bit of trouble in the first 2 days.But After the initial hiccups I became 100% fit for the tour.

What we can see in Delhi is the reminiscents of ancient monuments, which gives and insight into the history of India. I was really astonished to see the monuments, which I had learned and seen only in my history book, infront of me.

Before coming to Delhi, I had a major headache, ie to find a suitable travel agent or guide who can help me out in visiting Delhi. I browsed through some of the major travel agent on net. All were providing attractive travel packages and other facilities. So I had to consult with some of my friends.
At last I hired on of the travel agents which i got from the net. The name of the agent was Shubh Yatra and they even have their own travel site ( Shubh Yatra was one of the best travel agent that I have met. There was also another travel agent named Indian Travels (, and was equally fantastic. So I had a major confusion over selecting the travel agent. At last I stood with Shubh Yatra and informed them about my Delhi tour.

On 29th November I landed at Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi. The travel executives were there to recieve me and the stood their holding slates with my name written on them.
But they didnt have to spend too much time to locate me. And together we drove to Hotel Alka Delhi, a 4 star hotel in Delhi. I got refreshed in the hotel and took a brief rest for that day.
The next day i was taken into the Cab and started our first visit of the tour. First I went to see the famous and heritage monument, the India Gate. A rare marvellous and beautiful sight to behold....We spend a few hours and went to see the Red Fort.
From there we went straight to Lotus Temple, which is one of the major Bahai temple in India. The next destination was the rail museum, which i enjoyed a lot.
In short I came across some of the major desitnations such a Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Famous Gardens, Jantar Mantar, Tughlakabad Fort etc.
At the end of my tour I felt much thankful to my travel agent who treated me in the best possible way. The agent helped me in everything. I also had a decent shopping in Delhi.
On December 5th I took the flight to my home town with a lot of fruitful memories of the Incredible Delhi.