Graz Thalerhof Airport

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Graz Thalerhof Airport (GRZ) Guide

General Information

Airport Name:
Graz Thalerhof Airport
Airport Code:
(0)316 2902 0

Directions & Transportation

The taxi stand is in front of the passenger terminal, right in front of the the arrival area.
The public bus service takes you from Graz airport train station to Graz central train station. The bus stop is located right in front of the passenger terminal.
Trains arrive hourly at Flughafen Graz from the main train station in Graz, with a five minute walk from the bus stop to the passenger terminal. Luggage trolleys are available at the bus stop.
There are several options for reaching town, with taxi service, car hire, and buses all available.

Airport facilities

Airport Info:
There is an information desk in the arrivals hall.
Economy Class ticket holders are allowed 20 kg, and Business Class passengers are allowed 30 kg. Passengers travelling to or from the USA or Canada, are allowed to take 2 pieces of luggage, which must not exceed 32 kg per bag. Passengers will be charged accordingly for excess baggage. Carry on luggage is allowed up to 8 kilos and must be able to fit under the seat (max. dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm). Please ensure that all baggage is securely locked and bears the address of the passenger.
There is a bank at the airport
More Services:
There is free Internet access round the clock on three internet terminals for passengers.
Eating & Drinking:
Graz airport offers after hour shopping and there is a wide range of gifts and souveniers available for last minute buying, and special offers in the Airport Shop, located in the departure hall. Passangers can also stock up on last minute items in the Travel Value and Duty Free Shop just past the sceurity check point.
There are two cafes at the airport, the 'Follow Me Cafe' and the 'Take-off Cafe', as well as the Airest Graz Airport Restaurant, where you can get some refreshments before taking off.
Business Facilities:
Bank, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, Duty Free Shop, Newsagent/Tobacconist, Gift Shop, Travel Agent, Car Rental, Taxi Service/Rank are all located throughout the airport.
Disabled Facilities:
The passenger terminals are fully equipped for handicapped access. All doors are wide enough for wheelchair access, and all telephones, etc are at one level. The restroom facilities are also designed with the handicapped in mind and cater to the needs of those with disabilities. Graz airport offers special facilities and services for the disabled, if you are a wheelchair user departing from Graz and you would like to take advantage of wheelchair service please contact 0316/2902-172 in advance.

Useful Information

Airlines Served:
Air Luftfahert; Austrian Airlines; Styrian Airways; Tyrolean Airways; Lufthansa Welcome; Air Luftfahert
Airport Taxes:
Airport taxes, which are written in the price of the ticket, are charged on arrival. A Passenger Service Charge of ATS 60 is charged for international departures. Graz Airport Tax is ATS 140 For Domestic Flights ATS120
Activities near the Airport:
If time is hanging heavy on your hands while you wait for your connection, why not take one of the free shuttle rides into town and have a look at the great architecture and historic buildings of Graz. For instance take a look at the castle that dominates the town, it was built in 1499 for Emperor Maximilian I. Or, check out the Domkirche,(cathedral) which had its beginnings in the late 12th century. If you are one of those nervous people who are never sure that they heard right and feel if they leave the airport they might lose their flight altogether, then stay within bounds and do a spot of window shopping, enjoy a meal, or boost your courage at one of the bars.
Other Interesting Information:
The history of Graz goes back to prehistoric times and the Romans, Slavs and Bavarians all contributed to its founding. The city has had its share of problems such as having the 'Plagues of God' inflicted on it in 1480 when locusts made it a stopping off point, the awful decimation of its population by the Black Death, and extreme harassing by the Turks and Hungarians. Today though, Graz is a thriving community of about 250,000 inhabitants with flourishing breweries, factories and trading companies.