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Hammamet Travel Guide

Hammamet Local History

Like many places in Tunisia Hammamet changed hands several times, of interest was the 1602 takeover by the Knights of Malta who disguised themselves as Muslims and playing Arabic music were welcomed to the town with open arms only to ransack the place. Now one of the most popular destinations in Tunisia.

Hammamet Attractions

Top Attractions

Nabeul Near to Hammamet and worth a day trip, located 2km inland and known for its pottery, also the souk (market) is crowded with local handicrafts, but remember to haggle and look out for suspect quality.

Kasbah of Hammamet The 15th century citadel with its high walls and Roman ruins is a worthwhile diversion.

Medina Located inside the castle, this is a place of narrow roads, little shops and interesting Arabic Architecture. It's a tourist trap so try to go early or late. Offering mainly kitsch there is not much to buy and you will get hassled. The houses have some zany doors so go see.

Shakespeare Bar/Restaurant Well The Shakespeare bar is Brilliant it has Good food,Good Entertainment, Brlliant staff and the Hosts are very welcoming!!! They have a 7 year old Daughter called Yasmine or she likes to be called Yaz, Yaz went on the Karioke and was brilliant!!! They can get all the Sport that you maybe missing back home, like I thought I was going to miss the England game and Liverpool games but the Shakespeare Bar came to the rescue!!!!! and last but not least it is 2 for 1 on drinks you will spend about 8 to 10 denars in any other bar or restaurant for 1 drink at the shakespeare bar you get 2 for 1!!!!! If your going near here on your Holiday I would try this Bar and when I go back to Tunisia I will be going for my Meals and Entertainment at the Shakespeare Bar!!!!
submitted by Michael, 26/08/08

Shakespeare We recently spent two weeks in Hammamet at the Caribbean world hotel. We were all inclusive but you know us English we like our own food so our luck was in when we found a great English bar called Shakespeare. It's a lovely place where you get good food good service and happy hours all the day. We generally popped down for lunch every day to Shakespeare and then spent a couple of hours at night at least there we got proper pint glasses. The owner is an English lady called dawn, they have a camera system in operation 24 hours a day where you can watch the bar and kitchen from anywhere in the world.
submitted by Yaz, 28/05/08

Good holiday but.....! We recently holidayed in Hammamet Tunisia and were staying in the Hotel Bel Air. There are nice bars in the area, like the British Bar opposite our hotel, but I must warn you that if you go over there be prepared to be accosted by a Tunisian boy who is renting mopeds in the street outside the hotel. He pestered us so much that we gave up going out of our hotel and stayed in our room all the time. We were not surprised when a lady in the hotel told us how he literally dragged her into an empty shop and proceeded to do her a henna tattoo she said she didn’t want it but of course he told her it was free 5 mins later he asked her for 100 dt and would not let her go until she paid him. The same tattoo in the hotel costs 15dt. What a rip off. Be prepared for him to run behind you in the street and try to drag you to make you rent one of his mopeds or have a tattoo. He is small very dark skinned about 22 years old with long hair. Please be careful of this man.
submitted by Shelly, 20/05/08

Shakespeare Bar Go to the Shakespeare Bar next door to the Hotel Bel_Air Hotel in Hammamet. It is the only English bar serving English food day and night and the friendly English staff.
submitted by Lisa, 01/02/08

British Bar The best, now Latinos is no more go BB its the best!! Met my husband in there LOL! No joke!! wicked!!!
submitted by Donna, 07/07/07

Latinos! If your looking for the best night out in Hammamet ask to go to Latinos! Its ace! The music, everything about it rocks!
submitted by Emma, 08/10/05

Hammamet Beaches

Iberostar Phenicia 5km from Hammamet lies this resort on a stunning fine sand beach with magnificent views across the bay, surrounded by 14 hectares of gardens. Laze away the day here and you will be welcome to use the facilities of this top class hotel.

Yasmine Beach Only 4km from town this pristine stretch of sandy beach offers safe shallow blue waters to swim or snorkel. A 5 star hotel is located nearby to enjoy after tanning.

Hammamet Beach Walk from the town to this fine sand beach which is very popular especially in the season, lounge on a sun bed and read a good book or play volleyball or maybe water sports is what you are after, well find it all here.

Hammamet Restaurants and Bars

Hammamet Restaurants

Berber Fish Restaurant Opposite the medina, situated on the third floor of a building. Delicious fresh seafood served in abundance in a friendly, warm atmosphere. You will find a cafe and a tavern in the same place.

Cafe Sidi Bou hidid A coffee house in the same area, just relax in here with some strong coffee or tea and local sweetmeats, and maybe have a quick drag on the water pipe Its not addictive)

Neptune Restaurant Lovely views from here and a perfect place for a romantic meal, it's at the harbour floating on a Spanish type galleon. Watch the twinkling lights of the town while you choose from the mainly fish dishes on the menu.

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Hammamet Tunisia Pictures
Photos from a trip to Hammamet, Tunisia. Includes the huge Roman Coliseum at El-Jem, Monastir and Tunis.

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