Serengeti Travel Guide

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Serengeti Travel Guide

Serengeti Local History

For centuries the serengeti Plains remained wild and virtually uninhabited but about 100 years ago nomadic tribes of Maasai people came to the area from the north to find pasture for their cattle.

German naturalist ans explorer Dr Oscar Baumann was the first European to set foot in the area when he passed by as an agent for the German Anti Slavery Committee. He was followed by more of his countrymen who built Fort Ikoma in the North.

In 1913 the first professional hunters came to the area because of the plentiful game. When the hunting of lion dwindled their numbers dramaticaly, a descision was taken to create a partial Game reserve in 1921, which was upgraded in 1929 to a full reserve and then expanded to a National Park in 1951.

Serengeti Attractions

Serengeti Restaurants and Bars

Serengeti Restaurants

Seronera Wildlife Lodge - located at Kopjes. The lodge is built in an incredible location and the restaurant has a special atmosphere with rockwalls playing host to the occasional lizard. Open for breakfast 06:30 to 9:00, lunch 12:30 to 14:00 and dinner 19"30 to 21:00 with a menu varying between buffets and a la carte.

Ndutu Lodge - located in the Serengeti Short Grass Plains. The central area of the lodg is a combined bar and restaurant area with a thatched roof and stone walls. The restaurant serves a great mix of local and international dishes.

Serengeti Coffee shop - located at the Serengeti Visitors Centre. This lovely coffee shop that serves light snacks is a fantastic place to stop and reflect on the amazing wildlife you have seen.

Serengeti Bars & Clubs

Seronera Wildlife Lodge - located at Kopjes. Situted in the main lounge area of the lodge, the bar is open daily and has a great selection of drinks.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge - located in Serengeti. The bar is well stocked and located in the lounge area. This is a great place to meet for after dinner drinks.

Ndutu Lodge - situated in the Serengeti Short Grass Plains. The bar and restaurant are in the central area of the lodge. The rustic laid back atmosphere is great for relaxing after a long day of game viewing.

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