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Praslin Travel Guide

Praslin Local History

The settlement of the Seychelles was in the 1770's by French planters and their slaves but the island were discovered way before then by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in the beginning of the 16th century.

The British then took control of the islands in 1810 till it was granted independence in 1976. Since then there have been to coups attempted with only the first being successful, in fact the winner of the first coup was reelected when the Seychelles had it second elections in 1993.

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Praslin Restaurants and Bars

The staple foods in the Seychelles are fish and rice, with most meals consisting of a number of different seafood items on a base of rice. All the seafood is caught in the local waters and prepared fresh in a number of mouth watering way Creole style.
But please one warning is avoid anything that says fruit bat or sea turtle, as the bat is a threatened species and the turtle is highly endangered.

Praslin Restaurants

Laurier To locate this restaurant might be a little difficult as it's tucked away between the tress and bushes, but one thing is for sure that when you've found it you'll be glad you did. There is no menu, there is only a great huge seafood buffet, with fresh fish being put on the grill every evening and co-cooked by the owner himself. (Next to the Berjaya Beach Hotel) (Tel: 232224)

Hotel Maison des Palmes This restaurant at the hotel is one of the better ones in the area. It has a very charming and romantic atmosphere, where you can enjoy some great food. There are specials at dinnertime, Wednesday is grill night, and Saturday is Creole buffet night.

Berjaya Pizzeria If you're in the mood for some great Italian style cooking then come to this restaurant. It serves up quite large portions of great pizza and pasta at a fairly cheap price. You can find it on the beachfront at Anse Volbert.

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