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Mahe Travel Guide

Mahe Local History

Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles islands and is the economic and cultural hub of the inner islands.

Nobody lived on Seychelles until the 17th century when a British East India ship landed there. In the following years many pirates moved their base to the Indian Ocean from the Caribbean.

In 1964 the Seychelles first political parties were formed and in 1976 the country was made independent. In 1977 one of the two elected leaders named Rene carried out an almost bloodless coup and has been in power since then. Rene surprised everybody by legalizing the opposition parties in1991. Despite this opposition Rene continued to dominate politics in the Seychelles until the elections of 2004.Presently time the Seychelles has become a tax haven and a playground for the wealthy.

Mahe Attractions

Top Attractions

The Natural History Museum Victoria. The museum is right in the centre of town and it's diverse collection includes specimens of the extinct Seychelles crocodile, giant robber crabs and the wreckage of a ship that was. wrecked in 1570.

The Botanical Gardens Victoria. This is the place to come for a relaxing walk in the shade of a variety of indigenous and introduced trees. A few hours wandering around will reveal a pen of giant tortoises, an orchid garden and a lovely cafe.

Morne Seychellois National Park - A trip through the park reveals spectacular views and possibly even rare bird sightings

Level 3 Bar, Docklands, Victoria Great place to mix with the locals, especially on a Friday night. Free internet for customers with their own laptops, excellent selection of drinks.
submitted by Makoto Saito, 10/09/06

Mahe Beaches

Anse Aux Pins and Turtle Bay - This long stretch of coastline has narrow beaches and shallow waters that lie close to the coastal road. It's a wonderful walk with all sorts of marine life to be seen trapped in rock pools. The water is shallow but swimming is possible during the high tide.

Anse Intendance This beach is half a mile of powder white sand and enormous breakers. The waves are larger than most of the other beaches as there is no reef, making it suitable for surfing. It is also a fabulous beach for sunbathing.

Mahe Restaurants and Bars

Creole Cuisine is better here in the Seychelles than anywhere else in the Indian Ocean. It relies heavily on fish and seafood and fish and rice is the staple make up the staple diet of the islands.

Mahe Restaurants

Le Jardin du Roi Anse Royale. This restaurant is set in the spice gardens and the wonderful spice aromas come from both the gardens and the restaurant's kitchens.

Anse Soleil Cafe located on one of the nicest beaches in the Seychelles, the Anse Soleil, it serves good food in wonderful surroundings.

Au Jardin D'Epices Banyan Tree. This restaurant is ideal for vegetarians as they catered for alongside the international and Creole cuisine served here.

Baobab Pizza Restaurant Beau Vallov Beach, Baobab. A decent selection of pizzas and pasta dishes are served in this restaurant, which is popular with the locals.

Mahe Bars & Clubs

Doubleclick Palm Street. Two of the attractions of this bar/ restaurant are the attractive decor and free parking; the food is pretty good as well.

Pirates Arms Victoria. This is the place to see and be seen. They serve basic, well prepared casual food.

Beau Vallon Bay Hotel Mahe. There is a casino here for those of you who enjoy a gamble.

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