Bird Island Travel Guide

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Bird Island Travel Guide

Bird Island Local History

Bird Island is the Seychelles most northerly island, once known as Lie aux Vaches, because of the sea cows that thrived there, it lies directly in the path of the seafarers approaching the Seychelles from a northerly direction. Consequently it can be assumed that early Arab seafarers visited the shores on their voyages of exploration down the east coast of Africa.

The island came to the notice of the outside world in 1891 when a boatload of Seychellois bound for Bird sailed into a storm and were driven to the shores of Arabia. It took them a year to get home and on the way there many of them died. In the 1970's tourism came to Bird Island when the Bird Island Lodge was built. This is the only accommodation available on this privately owned island.

Bird Island stands at the forefront of Eco tourism as there are several conservation programmers running on the island.

Bird Island Attractions

Bird Island Beaches

Anse Severe is just one of the other fabulous beaches on the island. Hire a bike and see for yourself how lovely the beaches here are

Bird Island Restaurants and Bars

Creole Cuisine is better here in the Seychelles than anywhere else in the Indian Ocean. It relies heavily on fish and seafood and fish and rice are the staple make up the staple diet of the islands.

Bird Island Restaurants

The only restaurants and bar on the island are situated in the Bird Island Lodge. The food is good and the ambience relaxing.

Bird Island Bars & Clubs

Bird Island Lodge - Has the only bar on the island, this is a lovely place to talk about the events with fellow guests.

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