Taroudannt Travel Guide

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Taroudannt Travel Guide

Taroudannt Local History

Dating back to the 16th century, Taroudannt had been developed into the country's most important producer of sugar cane, cotton, rice and indigo, which were all valuable items of trade along the trans-Saharan caravan routes.

In 1687 the city narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of Moulay Ismail, after it became the centre of a rebellion opposing his rule. He instead contented himself with a massacre of the city's inhabbitants.

Taroudannt remained the centre of intrigue and sedition against the central government well into the 20th century and was host to the Idrissid El-Hiba, who attempted to rebel after the introduction to French protectorate was signed in 1912.

Taroudannt Attractions

Taroudannt Shopping

Souqs - The central souq in Taroudannt is relatively small, however most of the items that are on sale are of very high quality. Items range from Limestone carvings to traditional Berber jewellery. The jewellery has been influenced by Jews and tribes of the Sahara. The core of the market is the only place where you will find crafts and kitsch souvenirs, as the rest of the market is reserved for the Roudani's shopping centre.

Bab al-Khemis - On Thursdays and Sundays, there is another market open, which spreads outside Bab al-Khemis. Here you can expect to find anything from fruits and vegetables to lots of different souvenirs. The spectacle is usually more entertaining than the goods, so be sure to go early.

Taroudannt Restaurants and Bars

Taroudannt Restaurants

Sandwich Sindibad - A perfect place to get yourself a perfect little baguette, stuffed with kefta, chips and salad at a very reasonable price.

Hotel Taroudannt - A lovely place to enjoy exclusive evening dining. The menu consists of Moroccan stalwarts. You can also expect to find lovely French dishes and without a doubt the best steak in town.

Place an-Nasr - A lovely little cafe with an upstairs terrace, where you can enjoy a tasty lunch whilst watching all the people below. A popular eatery with locals.

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