Rabat Travel Guide

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Rabat Travel Guide

Rabat Local History

Rabat is built on Challah ruins, where the history can be traced back to the 8th century. In the 10th century, Rabat was the place for the military barracks of the Zenetes, a Berber tribe. Casbah of Oudayas is what remains of the military site.

The beautiful architecture and old buildings is thanks the Yacoub EL MANSOUR, who in the 12th century became the capital and received the name 'Ribat El Fath', meaning Victory Fortress. In 1666 the city of Rabat prospered under the reign of Moulay Rachid, he built walls to protect the city and finished the Casbah and the port.

In 1912 Rabat became the capital city of the Kingdom of Morocco. Several offices, universities and embassies have modern architecture, which contrast with the old walls and towers of the city and over look the Atlantic Ocean and the Bou Rereg.

Rabat Attractions

Top Attractions

Bab Rouah Located near the Royal Palace, Rabat. The Bab Rouah is one of the most beautiful city wall gates in Morocco. A small gallery is located inside, which has some modern Moroccan art. There is no entrance fee to enter the gate.

Chellah Located just outside of Rabat. The Chellah use to be the town of Rabat before it was abandoned in the 12th century. There are ruins of a Mosque and several graves of Merinide Sultans. This is one of the mosques, which you are able to view from the inside. The surrounding gardens are spectacular, especially when there are storks.

Bab Mrisa This is one of the most interesting gates of the walled city of Sale. The gate is higher than any other, because there used to be a canal, which went through it. In the days of the pirates, ships could sail directly into the city.

Le Grillardin Located at 4 Monastir Street behind Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah, Rabat. Le Grillardin offers the authentic BBQ moroccan food in town. The open kitchen is where the magic happens every time you come for lunch or supper. You feel right at home while enjoying the tastiest Couscous and grilled food in skews ever to touch your palate.
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Rabat Shopping

Bab Rouah Located at Galerie Nationale de Rabat, Bab Rouah, Place del la Victoire, Rabat. This is one of the better galleries in town with some extraordinary works from local artists. Definitely worth a walk through, then might just be something that will catch your attention, and you just has to have.

Rue Des Consuls Located in the Medina, Rabat. The Rue des Consuls is one of the best places to buy carpets. On Tuesday and Thursday there is an impromptu carpet souk, which is the perfect time to find something exquisite at a reasonable price.

Rabat Parks & Gardens

The Kasbah's Andalusian Gardens These gardens were planted by the French in the 20th century. There are wide walkways, which negotiate around the grounds and aromatic flowerbeds. The Kasbah's Andalusian Gardens are particularly popular with the female population of Rabat, who meet with their friends and enjoy some peaceful time in nature.

Rabat Beaches

The beaches between Rabat and Casablanca are several beach resorts that offer superb water activities. The long golden beaches invite you to relax and lie in the sun and enjoy the sound of the sea washing against the sand.

Rabat Restaurants and Bars

Tagine This Moroccan meal is made from spicy meat and vegetables, which have been simmered together for hours in a conical clay pot, and is one of the best known Moroccan meals.

Couscous This meal is made from semolina grains and steamed in a colander-like dish referred to as a couscoussiere and is the staple food for the Moroccan population.

Kaliya This Moroccan meal is a popular Berber contribution to the Moroccan cuisine. Kaliya is a combination of lab, tomatoes, bell peppers and onion and is served with couscous or bread.

Besara Besara is a thick glop (soup) made from peas and olive oil and is a traditional breakfast in Morocco.

Rabat Restaurants

Restaurant Saadi Located at 81 Avenue, Allal ben Abdallah, Rabat. Restaurant Saadi has some of the best traditional Moroccan food in town, and has to be on your 'to try list'. Alcohol is served with lunch and dinner and the prices are reasonable.

Restaurant Hong Kong Located at Mohammed V, Number 261, First Floor, Rabat. The only place to come is Restaurant Hong Kong, if you are in the mood for Chinese food. The food is spectacular, and the service is efficient in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Saidoune Located at 467 Avenue, Mohammed V, Rabat. The atmosphere at Saidoune is excellent, the staff is friendly and the owner, who is Iraqi, is involved to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that all the patrons are happy. The Lebanese food served here is top notch, and definitely not to be missed out on.

Rabat Bars & Clubs

Nightlife in Morocco is very limited, due to the Muslim faith. There national beverage is green tea, which is what most of the establishments sell. Very few establishments have liquor licenses and it is illegal to consume alcohol in public.

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