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Marrakech Travel Guide

Marrakech Local History

Marrakech was founded in 1062 AD by the first ruler of the Almoravid dynasty, named Yusif Ben Tashfin. His son built the famous Ben Yussef Mosque and the the city wall. It was once one of the most artistic and cultural centers in the Islamic world. The importance of Morocco itself was symbolised in April 1994, when it was chosen as the location for the final sighning of the international GATT agreements on world trade.

Marrakech Attractions

Top Attractions

Palais de la Bahia - The palace was designed by thearchitect Muhammad al-Mekki and is surrounded by the most majestic gardens. Its large, it consists of a mosque, several tiled courts surrounded by beautifully decorated reception halls and private quarters.

Museum of Moroccon Arts - The museum houses one of the finest collections of jewellery from High Atlas, carpets from Haouz, oil lamps fromTaroudannt, blue pottery from Safi, green pottery from Tamegroute and leatherwork from Marrakech.

Koutoubia mosque - This is the tallest, approximitley 70 meters, and by far the most famous landmark in Marrakech. It is visible for kilometers away in any direction. When the mosque was originally built, it was covered in painted plaster and beautifully coloured zellij tiles. Today the only decor which is still visible are the decorative panels which constitute of a textbook of contempory designs.

Jema'a El-Fna Square Visitors should go to this place. It has a lot of shops selling Moroccan souvenirs, and stalls set up along the roads, selling dates, pistachios, and stuff like that. There's also the snake charmers and also horses that adds to the fun atmosphere. Best to go in the evening, after 4pm.
submitted by Farah Shakirah, 30/04/05

Chez Ali This Chez Ali restaurant, under a huge tent, can be a very fun place to dine in. It has all the different cultures of Morocco coming together to present what they've got when u are dining in. Then, you get to watch the Arabian knights, with their horses and rifles. Watch it at a big open area, something like the Sahara atmosphere, just outside Chez Ali restaurant. One more thing, the couscous is excellent! Should try it!
submitted by Farah Shakirah, 30/04/05

Marrakech Parks & Gardens

Jardin Menara - This is the most easibly reached garden in Marrakech. It is a very peaceful place where one can relax and escape from everyday stressors. It features a beautiful still pool backed by a pavillion which dates back to 1866 and an organised array of olive groves.

Jardin Majorelle - The exquisite garden was designed and laid out by the French painter Majorelle in 1922. Amoungst the stunning array of floral beauty, you will find what was first Majorelle's blue villa, now home to a modest museum of Islamic art.

Marrakech Restaurants and Bars

Marrakech Restaurants

Cafe Verdi - The perfect place for a mouth-watering breakfast. It has a lovely bright setting and is very popular with the locals.

Restaurant Dar Essalam - For a fee of Dr 200, you can expect to get a lovely traditional Moroccon meal. You will also be entertained with music and dance shows. Should you decide to go there you are promised to have a wonderful experience.

Restaurant La Taverne - The menu consists of a mixture of delicious Moroccon and French cuisine. There is also a set menu available for a fee of Dr 75 per person.

Marrakech Bars & Clubs

Bar L'escale - Located on Rue Mauritania (off Mohammed V at Derby Shoes), it is a funky little rowdy bar that serves the best grilled chicken in the whole of Morocco. Be sure to arrive early, it tends to get very busy and is popular with the locals.

Mirador - Featuring a bar on the inside and a coffee shop on the outside - here you can get the best of both worlds. The most popular bar in Morroco, it is a great place to have a beer and hang out with friends.

Hotel de la Renaissance - If you are interested in some local culture, then this is the club to go to. The club kicks off around 11pm with the best folk music you will ever come across. As the evening continues you can expect to be entertained by contempory Morrocon pop music as well as normal disco beats.

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