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Agadir Travel Guide

Agadir Attractions

Top Attractions

Kasbah - The fort was originally built in 1540 and was restored in 1752. To this day a Dutch inscription still adorns the gateway stating "fear God and honour your King," dated back to 1746. The ramparts were partially restored after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, but nothing remains within it.

The Alliance Franco-Marocaine - You can expect to find traditional French theater, as well as lectures and films. If you are interested in this definite worth-wile outing, you can get their program in the syndicat d'initiative.

Organised Tours - Agidar is a thriving destination for organised tours. The principal destinations visited include Marrakech, Taroudant, Tafrappite amd Immouzzer des Ida Outanane.

Digging up fossils I went with a couple who run the Cambrain Time Team, and the trip was fantastic. I learned about the geological history of Morocco as well as searching for Jurassic fossils. Lunch was tasty and filling with more digging afterwards, which was even more fun after a glass of wine. All in all, it was a great day out with a couple of ex-pat Brit's.
submitted by John C. Burton, 10/10/07

English Pub The English Pub, in Agadir, has to be a blessing, simply because it is managed by a Brit and the menu reflects tasty british meals at a very reasonable price. I live just outside Agadir and use several restaurants within the city, but when it comes to knowing the food is cooked and within European acceptable hygenic conditions, I thoroughly recommend it. I'm not saying the other restaurants are any different, but when I see another restaurant's waiter clearing his nose over a balcony before wiping his hand on his uniform trousers I have to suspect the worst possible scenario, which is only natural! The English Pub isn't just a great place to eat, drink and get merry, it's also an oasis for myself and my wife.
submitted by Scotty, 29/09/07

Mezzo Mezzo A small, very elegantly designed restaurant. By far the best pizzas in town. Some interesting variations - Roccolla with smoked ham. The pasta dishes are also very good. Friendly, attentive service. Excellent wines. No tap beer, but iced bottles.
submitted by Steve Hurley, 16/07/07

Orange Bleue A small, comfortable place to eat. The food is excellent, the prices are very reasonable, the service relaxed and friendly. Try the filet-steak in a light coffee-cream sauce for 110 Dirhams (10 Euro); different, but very good. Happy hour from 17:00 - 20:00. Location: next to the Le Central English Pub.
submitted by Steve Hurley, 10/07/07

Agadir Parks & Gardens

Jardim de Olhao - Open 2:30 - 6:30 daily, this rather odd-lookong garden commerates the historical ties that Morocco and Portugal have had. It is a wonderful place to go for a quick history lesson. It features a selection of beautiful plants and trees.

Agadir Beaches

This is most definitly the main and most rewarding reason to visit Agadir. The beach usually remains unruffeled, making it an ideal outing for children.

To maximise your visit at the beach, you can treat yourself by renting pedalos, jetski's, surfboards and surfski's. You can also hire horses, camels and dune strikes.

Agadir Restaurants and Bars

Agadir Restaurants

Restaurant Ibtissam - It's not a wonder that the name means smile, as this is exactly what happens when you enter the restaurant. It has a very classy and expensive look and atmosphere, ironically the food is sold at a very low price. The menu consists of a large variety of dishes ranging from couscous, tajine and omelettes to deliciously fresh salads.

Restaurant Select - The restaurant serves a solid range of old favourites. A very popular eatery with locals and tourists, however you should try to avoid the crepes - they are said to be quite tasteless.

Restaurant Darkoum - The perfect place for a true Moroccon experience-style restaurant where you can eat in tradional Moorish surrounding, entertained by traditional music and seved by waiters wearing beautiful white robes and red fezzes. Be prepared to fork out quite a bit though, this is definitly one of the more expensive restaurants in the area - but definitly worth it!

La Perla del Mare - Set right on the beach front is this stunning, classy and reasonably pricey restaurant. It features a menu consisting og an excellent range of delicious dishes. It promises to be the ultimate romantic experience due to the amazing starlit sky and roaring sounds of the ocean.

Agadir Bars & Clubs

Alhambra Cabaret - The perfect place to enjoy some cabaret entertainment. Remember to dress quite smartly as they require a strictly impressive dress code. Drinks are offered at a fairly expensive price, so be prepared to fork out quite a bit of money for this occasion.

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