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Morocco Information

Population: 31 million

Time Zone: GMT/UTC

Driving side: Drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Castilian, En

Religion: 98% Muslim
1% Christian
1% Jewish

Emergency #: Dial 19 for city police
15 for fire
177 for Royal Military Police
15 for ambulance.

Morocco Popular Destinations

Fes - It is the oldest of the imposing cities, certainly the symbolic heartbeat of Morocco. It features labyrinthine streets and crumbling grandeur, which adds to the air of magic and intrigue. The medina of Fes el-Bali is one of the largest living medieval cities found in the world. The gates and walls that surround it make it all the more breath-takingly magnificent.

Marrakech - This is one of the most important cultural centres of Morroco. The city is famous for its lively markets and festivals. Located on the streets of the town you will find the most fascinating open-air stalls selling mouth-watering foods. Filling the rest of the open spaces are jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, magicians and acrobats. It is home to the Museum of Moroccon Arts which houses one of the finest collections of jewellery from High Atlas, carpets from Haouz, oil lamps from Taroudannt, blue pottery from Safi, green pottery from Tamegroute and leatherwork from Marrakech.

Agadir - Here you will find the Kasbah fort which was originally built in 1540 and was restored in 1752. To this day there remains a Dutch inscription on the gateway stating "fear God and honour your King," which is dated back to 1746. The ramparts were partially restored after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, but nothing remains within it. Another treat is the The Alliance Franco-Marocaine where you can expect to find traditional French theater, as well as lectures and films. If you are interested in this definite worth-wile outing, you can get their program in the Syndicat d'initiative.

Moving Around Morocco

If you are a little time strapped you can make use of the occasional internal flight, but be sure to remember that this is not the cheapest option available. Most of the main cities are linked by the National des Chemins de Fer, which is one of the most modern rail systems in Africa. Trains are generally the better option compared to busses due to the fact that they are more comfortable and faster, although the the bus network is generally dense and efficient in most areas.

Another transport option is the use of a taxi, which is known as the workhorses of the Moroccan roads. Taxi's are a big feature of Morocco's public transport system, which links towns to their nearest neighbours and go from one town to another, en route to a final destination.

National festival and holidays

The National Folklore Festival - of Marrakesh is a ten day tourist event, which is well worth attending to view a spectacle of dancers, musicians and other entertainers from around the country. In mid-October, the small Northern town of Erfoud is host to a festival in honour of the quintessential desert fruit, the date. On the 18th of November, known as Independence Day, one of five national secular holidays, is celebrated.

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