Post de Flacq Travel Guide

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Post de Flacq Travel Guide

Post de Flacq Local History

Although left wild for many years, barring a few private bungalows, the east coast is growing faster as a tourist area. It boasts some of the richest coastal scenery in Mauritius. With lagoons on one side and mountains rich in vegetation on the other, it makes for some truly magnificent viewing. The East coast is filled with colonial history and is definitely for the alert observer.

With the exception of some hotels and a few clothing factories in Centre de Flacq this area is lightly populated and developed in comparison to the rest of the country. The villagers are engaged in producing sugar cane, fresh produce and poultry farming. There are however, branches of BNP, Union International and Barclays Banks in the town. They also run a very efficient post office.

Post de Flacq Attractions

Post de Flacq Shopping

The one thing you will find when shopping anywhere in Mauritius is the fruits and vegetables and Poste de Flacq is no exception. The bustling market is open on Saturdays and Sundays and a variety of products can be found. There are stalls open every day of the week and one or two curios shops, but the weekend market appears to be the place to get really good bargains.

Other areas in Mauritius have a larger variety of shops than Poste de Flacq and here you will be able to purchase items such as tailor made clothes in less than 48 hours. The specialities of herbal tea, Vanilla, Spices of every kind and Pret a Porter of which Mauritius is the main exporter.

Post de Flacq Activities

There swimming and playing on the beach which the children will enjoy but you could take them hiking into the mountains or just trekking in the forests and parks.

Post de Flacq Parks & Gardens

Domaine de l'Ylang Ylang Here the visitor will find the Ylang Ylang flowers with their fragrant aroma. The perfume is distilled on this plantation. It also has very panoramic views of Vieux Grand Port.

Domaine Les Pailles This natural park is spread over 3,000 acres and visitors will discover how the Mauritians lived of old.

Post de Flacq Beaches

Baie du Tamarin Tamarin Bay is situated at the Tamarin River mouth. The andscape is beautiful and it is in the middle of surfing Mauritius. Here you will find gigantic waves rolling into the bay almost throughout the year.

Baie du Tombeau Tombeau Bay is overgrown with cocos and is about 15 minutes away from Port Louis by car.

Post de Flacq Restaurants and Bars

Street vendors offer more traditional snacks such as samoosas and chilli-bites.

Post de Flacq Restaurants

There are no restaurants in Poste de Flacq. However, there is one or two in Centre de Flacq. Traditional meals can be eaten in bijouterie's in Poste de Flacq.

Cafe Monaco - They serve very tasty seafood and rice dishes at very low prices.

Le Pekinois This is the best place in Centre de Flacq and is recommended as the meals are reasonably prices and tasty.

Kentucky Fried Chicken This well-known take-away can be found in Centre de Flacq.

Post de Flacq children's activities

There swimming and playing on the beach which the children will enjoy but you could take them hiking into the mountains or just trekking in the forests and parks.

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