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Kilifi Travel Guide

Kilifi Attractions

Top Attractions

Mnarani Ruins Discovered in the 1950s this extensive site was home to an ancient Swahili city, amongst the findings is a 70 mitre well and the ornate carvings of the Mosque, also at the site are some interesting inscripted tombs. A fine view of the Kilifi Creek can be seen.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park This forested reserve lies a few kms inland between Kilifi and Malindi and is sort of semi tropical and a good variety of birdlife, insects and mammals make the park their home. Hiking paths run through the park and you are sometimes surrounded by colourful butterflies.

Kilifi Town A lovely laid back town with a harmonious mix of expats and locals who are mainly employed at the cashew nut factory. The snake park lies to the south of the town. The bridge linking the town with the rest of the coast was built in the 80s and saved the endless hassles with the ferries.

Vuma Caves About a 45 minute boat ride from Kilifi, but experienced divers only as there are caves and blow holes. Game fish can often be spotted from here such as Barracuda and Tuna. The caves and sealife are well worth the effort.

Bofa Beach Kilifi Stayed at Villa Patwa right on Bofa Beach. It was the most wonderful experience. The beach is fantastic with super soft white sand where you can walk for miles. Early mornings were the best, just sitting on the beach with a cup of coffee watching the sun come up.
submitted by Thomas Dickenson, 20/12/06

Baobab Lodge Sister Hotel to the Kilifi Bay Beach Resort. A beautiful Hotel with spectacular views of a large Bay from the Lounge area and overlooking a small beach, great food, Pool side Bar, Excellent place to dine, drink and soak it all in, accomodation is very good, soft music. Relaxing atmosphere.
submitted by Lynn Ryder, 27/04/05

Mkwajuni Night Club The locals excellent Dance Club, DJ plays the very best Top Hot Music, its friendly, you can dance while dawn, cheap local drinks, Great outside Bar before going into the club. I had a really great night here and was impressed immensely.
submitted by Lynn Ryder, 27/04/05

Kilifi Beaches

Kilifi Beach - The resort enjoys a great position on the coast and a fantastic beach to go with it including soft fine sand, warm blue waters and safe swimming in addition to the resorts facilities. Hire a boat to go up the creek with a paddle or just sit below a palm tree and switch off.

Kilifi Restaurants and Bars

Kilifi Restaurants

Kilifi Cafeteria Located next to the main bus stop, great for a quick snack and drink. Tasty and cheap local food to be enjoyed.

Toplife Garden Bar and Restaurant Great food and service in a beautiful garden setting serving snacks and full lunches with a choice to satisfy the fussiest eater. The selection at the bar was a little disappointing, but the food more than made up for it.

Mnanari Club Located at the boatyard and open for lunch. Enjoy a high-class standard of cooking with fresh seafood being the speciality. Lovely homely atmosphere.

Columbus Cold House Near the bridge on the road to town is this basic local cafe serving very refreshing freshly squeezed fruit juices and some snacks. A welcome break from the heat of the day.

Kilifi Bars & Clubs

Kaya Gardens A lively disco is held here on a Friday and Saturday nights, an ideal place to meet the locals and dance the night away to an African beat.

The Top Life Club ┬ľAt the restaurant is popular with the locals who flock to this place on the weekends they seem to enjoy chewing these sticks (Mira) which have some stimulant in them (suppose its cheaper than the bar)

Kilifi Bay Beach Resort There is live entertainment in the form of a traditional African show and also a disco that will get you up and dancing to all the latest hits.

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