Kotu Beach Travel Guide

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Kotu Beach Travel Guide

Kotu Beach Attractions

Top Attractions

Traditional Wrestling - Serekunda. Local wrestling champs show their strength at informal wrestling areas (Arena Babou off Sukuta Rd or Arena Tuti Fall Jammeh near Sukuta Rd). Colourful costumes, ceremony and drumbeats are the setting as these proud warriors show their prowess in the arena.Forget everything you know about the sport, punches and biting are all par for the course and the only rule is to win!

Kachikaly Crocodile Pool - Bakau. Visit this pool for a fertility prayer as per local custom; or get close up for a scaly smile whilst putting on your best Crocodile Dundee pose for that special African holiday photo.

Fajara Golf Club - A course with a difference-play a quick 18 holes where the "greens" are "browns"! The club also has tennis and squash courts for those with an urge to knock a ball around a bit. Palm wine making-Travel down Badala Park Way from Fajaratu to the large clump of palms just prior to Kotu stream. Watch how the strong local drink is collected from the palms here by palm wine sellers. If you must sample, remember: 1) small quantity and 2) at own risk!

shirrilians kotu beach sena gambia strip A absolutely first class restauranr.Clean.Service exceptional and the food was of a very high standard.We ate here 8 times and had a fantastic evening on each visit.A venue well worth a visit.
submitted by MRS HELENA TORCH, 03/03/09

Joannas kotu beach After waiting 25 mins for our meal the starter arrived. Garlic bread,not difficult.Bread cold containing lumps of butter and chunks of garlic cold!! Main course Battered fresh scampi,would have been nice if edible but black,hard Burnt.Fillet steak Noway perhaps a minute steak sandwich style.We complained,An apolopy was given of sorts.We were charged and told what did we expect we were in The GAMBIA!! Go and eat at a 5 star restaurant.Good customer service i think not.Dirty and badly run.Dont spoil your holiday by visiting this restaurant!!
submitted by MRS HELENA TORCH, 03/03/09

Ali Baba in Kotu Ali Baba in Kotu. I’m sorry to say that this has been the worst dinning experience ever. The whole family got extremely ill from eating there. We learned next day that many of the other hotel guests had gotten food poison there as well. It made our return trip extremely painful – a terrible way to end a vacation.
submitted by AllanTherkelsen, 14/11/08

Ali Baba Was great, in 2 weeks we ate there 10 times, and will be there again on 2nd April 2008,and Mansea Beach Hotel
submitted by Mick, 15/01/08

Ali Baba Kotu In response to Ann's comment ... I have been to Kotu many times and Ali Baba is one of the best restaurants. The owners are extremely friendly, the service is great, the food is excellent and very fresh - and I have never been served up tinned fruits! The homemade African Rum Cake is delicious - as is their Sangria. Highly recommended!
submitted by Natasha Evans, 05/10/07

Boss Lady Right at the center of Kotu. This is a great place to eat real Gambian food. Sunday nights is buffet night - try everything! and the entertainment afterwards is brilliant. We loved it!
submitted by Sue from London, 06/07/06

Ali Baba in Kotu This restaurant is owned by English people. They serve TINNED fruit for dessert and and know little about customer care! Don't go!!
submitted by Ann, 11/04/06

Kotu Beach Restaurants and Bars

Kotu Beach Restaurants

Il Mondo Restaurant - When you need to eat but can't tear yourself away from the sea, enjoy a good value for money meal right on the Kotu beachfront.

Oriental Pearl - off Badala Parkway. Hop continents to Asia -just to be different.Try the highly recommended set menu or pick from the main dishes if you prefer to mix and match.

Michael's Grill - off Kairaba Ave. Excellent value for money, dig into real Gambian cooking. Ask for benechin (fish and rice) or chicken yasser, with dollops of mafay (groundnut) sauce.

Kotu Beach Bars & Clubs

Tam Tam 2000 - Jam at the Tam Tam, an upmarket club next to the Badala Park Hotel in Kotu. Paradise Beach Bar- near to the Kotu beach as the name suggests, perfect for a sundowner after a hard day at the beach.

Jokers - Go sightseeing down Kairaba Ave, a wide choice of watering holes on offer. A pit stop at Jokers is recommended for the relaxing garden setting and the possibility of live entertainment.

Laybato Restaurant and Bar - The perfect place for a sundowner, this popular bar and restaurant is in nearby Fajara.

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