Kololi Beach Travel Guide

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Kololi Beach Travel Guide

Kololi Beach Attractions

Top Attractions

Bijilo Forest Park - Trek down pathways through the lush vegetation and vine covered trees for a spot of birdwatching. Monkeys will be swinging alongside in the treetops, just to keep you company. The park extends down amonst the dunes to the sea and has quite a few good viewing points along the way.

Bakua Botanical Garden - Take in some more birdwatching and a walk down to the nearby fishing port to watch the fisherfolk at work.

Kololi Beach - A stretch of beach well known for its tourist appeal, sunshine, golden sand, bikinis - what more can one say? After lazing on the beach support the locals by spending some time - and money - at the stalls along the beach.

African Queen The best Restaurant on the strip, great food and cocktails, you have to try the Tracy D cocktail, named after me. The staff are all lovely and great fun.
submitted by Trace n Dan, 18/03/09

Fab food! Jojo's restaurant is just sublime! We came across this place after going to The Gambia for 10 years. The food, and the wonderful Gambian hospitality, are just superb. 5 star!
submitted by Carol fall, 04/03/09

Jojo's JoJo’s restaurant on the right just up from Sarges hotel is newly open but stands out as the best restaurant in the resort the food was incredibly good definitely to London restaurant standards, good luck to the lovely JoJo and her team as they gave us a very warm welcome on both occasions we ate there.
submitted by Eileen Buchanan, 03/04/08

African Queen Best on the strip, try the beef afra or one of the Sizzlers, a meal for two with drinks costs about £15-£20, great value
submitted by Brian Houghton, 04/01/08

GTS Bar Restaurant Great food at very reasonable prices, great staff, support for tourists and like being part of a family34
submitted by Julie, 14/06/06

African Queen Along the Senegambia strip, this lovely restaurant serves amazing seafood. You haven't eaten till you have tried Captain Bubba's Boat!!! Lovely staff and brilliant prices.
submitted by Paul, 14/01/06

Kololi Beach Restaurants and Bars

Kololi Beach Restaurants

Janneh's Seafood and Vegetarian Restaurant - near Kololi Inn. Excellent seafood with specialities such as king prawns and butterfish and tasty vegan dishes.

Scala Restaurant - Head south down Badala Parkway for a classy meal; too many specialities to mention!

Bakadaji Hotel and Restaurant - Badala Parkway. Stay with the African vibe and try their good local specialities, or if this is not your cup of tea they also offer good value for money European fare.

Kololi Beach Bars & Clubs

Badala Beach Bar - At the far end of Kololi (Bijilo Forest Park border) is this comfortable restaurant/ bar perfect for a quick one after your walk around the Park.

Jembrey Fever - Move over John Travolta; live bands, disco and a viby mix of tourists and locals. A rumble in the jungle.

Tropicana Club - south end of Badala Parkway. Party the night away to reggae and pop music, remember the "fix- me- upper" for the morning.

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