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Banjul Travel Guide

Banjul Attractions

Banjul Shopping

Serekunda - This nearby town is one large buzzing marketplace.Alive and thriving, this is where the serious trading and bargainings happen.

Bakua - Atlantic Supermarket - For when you really need something vital (suncream??)- even open on Sundays.

Bakua Market - Get your souvenirs here at one of the stalls, woodcarvings and batiks galore.

Gena Bes batik factory - Barba Jahumpa Rd. Buy yards of traditional tie - dyed material here. Great for that relaxed West African holiday look, man!

Banjul Restaurants and Bars

Banjul Restaurants

African Heritage Restaurant - Liberation St. Pop in for a midday snack or a main meal with a cold beer, which needless to say goes down well in this climate.

Pam - Pam Restaurant - Clarkson Str. Good value for money, perfect for snacks and meals on the go such as chawarmas, their speciality.

Al Basha - 10 Nelson Mandela. Smart enough for Madiba, enjoy a Lebanese meal (lunchtimes only).

Braustuble Restaurant - Leman Str. Clear the dust from your throat with a colddrink or beer in their beergarden during the heat of the day. Return for a steak or Austrian dish for dinner.

Banjul Bars & Clubs

Melicana Nightclub - Picton Str. For those who need a bit of music and dance to liven up after their African experience day.

Soto - Koto - Clarkson St. If you want to jive with the locals after midnight this could be the place to go. You may need to latch onto an obliging Gambian aquaintance to help smooth over any potential hitches.

Mariam Ceesay Bar and Restaurant - Liberation Street. Have an evening nightcap at this establishment near the edge of the Gambian River.

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