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Taba Heights Travel Guide

Taba Heights Attractions

Top Attractions

The Monastery of St Catherine - This monastry was built in the 6th century under the Roman Emperor justinian.This is one of the oldest christian monasteries in the world. Well preserved in the monastery one will find the Christian works of art which includes the second largest library of illuminated manuscripts after the Vatican. A very small part of the monastery is open to the public, for a very short time in the morning. This trip is worth your while.

Mount Sinai (or Mountains of Moses) - This is a very sacred place for the Muslims, Jews and Christians. Mount Sinai overlooks the Monastery of St Catherine. Mount Sinai is 2285 metres high and it is very easy to clib to the top. If you daring enough go by camel caravans or up the Steps of Repentance which has 3000 steps carved into rock monks. There is a beautiful view at sunrise and sunset.

Pharaoh's Island and Salah El Din Citadel - This is a rocky island which is crowned by the ruins of the 12th century crusaders' fort. This island was built to protect the pilgrims on their journey from Jerusalem to St Catherine's Monastery, and to levy the taxes on the Arab merchants. If you are interested you are allowed to dive around the island in the reefs.

El Fuego Mexican Bar and Restaurant Distinctive Modern Cafe & Mexican Bar offering original Mexican experience of food & beverage. From the Terrace enjoy the stunning views of Gulf of Aqaba and Taba Heights Resort, Golf course. A great place to end another day in Taba Heights!
submitted by Jan Heesbeen, 09/05/09

Castle Zaman This impressive monument commands a dramatic mountainous view of four countries. Castle Zaman offers an exquisite and generous cuisine. Meat and seafood are roasted to perfection with an assortment of fresh vegetables, spices, dates and figs slowly prepared in earth pots. Preparation takes 1-3 hours, time gladly spent by the pool, exploring the underground treasure room, getting a massage , or sipping fresh coctails by the bar. (Not child friendly, WiFi service soon)
submitted by Nagwa, 09/05/06

Castle Zaman - feast for a Pharaoh! Castle Zaman - a feast fit for a Pharaoh! I recently made a little excursion to Castle Zaman when I was in Taba. The restaurant prepared and served a delicious and sumptious meal. Then to while away the hours we chilled by the pool or on the terrace with a delicious cocktail. This place represents Sinai at its best and it is a place I will keep going back too.
submitted by Glenn Halliday, 05/05/06

Sea-food Orgy , Turkey frenzy Sea Food Orgy is a mamouth dish (1kgof c-food)/person includes fish fillet ,crabs , shrimps ,squid , octopus . The turkey frenzy is slowly cooked over a period of 3-4 hours in ancient clay pots using a recepy dating back to ancient Egypt
submitted by Roshdy Asaad, 03/05/06

Taba Heights Shopping

When shopping for leather items, skin quality is always the best. The prices are reasonable. Always check the workmanship as much as the leather quality. Leather is very soft, elastic and firm.

Always make sure that the stitches are strong enough before buying the item. Ask the the vendor try and tear the bag or jacket apart. Workmanship can be poor.

Taba Heights Parks & Gardens

National Park of Nabq - This national park is 600 square kilometers. Here one can find a variety of animal life example herons , ospreys, storks, foxes and gazelles. This is the best place to bring the family.

National Park of Ras Abu Galum - Just further north is the Abu Galum natural reserve, which has granitic coastal mountains. Here one will find and abundance of plant and animal life, which also includes the Nubian ibexes, hyraxes and red foxes.

Taba Heights Beaches

Marriott Beach - This is only a half kilometre of private sand beach, which has waterfalls, a cave, jacuzzi, and a huge outdoor freshwater slide. A favourite is the swim-up bar, the children's pool, the children's club (4 to 11 years of age) with activites.

A well equiped health club is available which also includes the Arabian marble stem room.

Taba Heights Restaurants and Bars

Ful which is a type of bean can be cooked in several ways for example in ful midamess, whole beans are boiled which can be eaten with vegetables, mashed with onions, tomatoes and spices. This can be eaten with many other food dishes. Molokhiyya, is a very leafy green, summer vegetable which the Egyptians make soup or salads from.

The Egyptians enjoy making meat (lahhma), vegetable (khudaar), and fish (samak) soups also known as shubah. These soups are very delicious and enjoyed by many locals. The salads also known as (salata) are made of tomatoes, greens, potatoes, or eggs, as well as beans and yogurt. The locals enjoy making their thick soup made from molokhiyya. They use the chopped leaves in chicken stock and serve the soup with or without pieces of rabbit, chicken or lamb. The soup can be served with crushed bread or over rice.

A tip: If it is served to you straight, it is only polite to dip you aysh (bread).

Taba Heights Restaurants

Limoncello Mediterranean Café Restaurant - Serves selected specialities from various Mediterranean regions. Limoncello also serves breakfast and dinner for up to 426 people.

Breeze Restaurant - Situate on the split pool level this restaurant is surrounded by flowing waters and flowers. The seating consists of bars and stools which are comfortable. Snacks and sandwiches can be ordered, while you wait for our ice-cold fruit juices, cocktails and soft drinks which are served by the bar. If you lucky to be here at night the restaurant offers a lar carte seafood menu in a romantic atmosphere.

Tanour Lebanese Restaurant - Here you are served a thousand and one oriental flavours. The Lebanese cuisine is served for lunch and dinner, where you can overlook the mountains and gardens.

Taba Heights Bars & Clubs

Palm Court - Enjoy a cup of freshly made coffee and tea served with freshly made pastries of your choice.Speciality drinks from the Palm Court also includes Arabic coffee and mint teas.

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The Ultimate Sinai Experience
A mind-blowing Castle 10 minutes south of Taba Heights. Castle Zaman hosts a "slow castle food" restaurant , bar, shopping , swimming pool and massage corner.

Taba Heights
A guide to Egypt's stunning Red Sea resort of Taba Heights with information on Hotels, Flights, car hire and activities available the Taba heights resort.

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