Okavango Delta Travel Guide

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Okavango Delta Travel Guide

Okavango Delta Local History

A few hundred years ago the Okavango lake and marshes were inhabited by local cattle and crop farmers and fishing people and the area streched almost to the top of Tsodilo Hills. Over time the geographical elements of the Okavango began to change thanks to a number of factors. The first factor was the movement of techtonic plates under the African continent that caused more rifts and ravines for water to flow into.

The second factor was the hippos that congregated and bashed their way through the vegetation and in this way managed to open new channels and close old ones causing water to flow in greater quantities down the eastern side of the delta. Due to increased hunting of hippos their numbers have now dwindled causing the eastern side of the delta to become choked with papyrus and has now dried up. The third factor is the climate change which has seen less rainfall in the area.

Okavango Delta Attractions

Okavango Delta Restaurants and Bars

Okavango Delta Restaurants

Hillary's - located in Maun in the Mall. This is the best place in town for lunch. The menu consits of wonderful earthy dishes as well as daily specials. Open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

Sports Bar - located 1km east of the Sedic Hotel. The bar and restaurant is a favourite among expats. The food is hearty and there is plenty of drinking and dancing.

Le Bistrot - located off Main Road , Maun. A fantastic menu consisting of Mediterranean influenced dishes such as pasta, fish, prawns, steaks and hamburgers.

Okavango Delta Bars & Clubs

Bull and Bush - located in Maun. This is one of the new macho bars in Maun that sells good drinks and is frequented by tourists.

Power Station - located in Maun. Situated in the ruins of the old power station there is plenty of entertainment here. A good bar, cinema and craft centre as well as a range of fast food is geared towards tourists.

Rileys Hotel - located in Main Street Maun. This is the swankiest place in Maun and has a good bar where visitors like to meet.

Okavango Delta Tours

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